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Workplace Strategy

Workplace Strategy is the successful alignment of a companies work patterns with the office environment, to enable peak performance from staff, in a comfortable, healthy, and sustainable environment.

After Covid, organisations have now reopened their offices, but many office staff still work part time from home, so a new approach to the workplace is required, to cater for these new circumstances. 

Therefore it is important for organisations to focus on what the main purpose of their office is, and to create a space that encourages, energises and enables staff to be their best.

Your workplace plays an important  role in how your staff and clients view your business, and is crucial to the success and profitability of your business. 

Your wellbeing strategies in the workplace comes before the interior design phase, and it’s important for getting the best return on the investment you have made, in your new or refurbished workspace. 

Workplace strategy provides the necessary basis for any new or refurbished office space, it explores your office work patterns, your space, your business culture, and your business goals.  After the workplace strategy is complete, you can then create a user friendly workplace, which will deliver better performances, both for staff and management.

How Workplace Strategy Can Improve Your Business

A successful workplace strategy is the core of a successful and prosperous business. By gaining a thorough understanding of your business’s existing workplace performance, our workplace consultants then align your workplace needs with your organisational objectives. We help you to understand the critical areas  that improve business performance, and the importance of the relationship between people, and their workplace. Your staff will then want to come to work in a modern vibrant, and exiting office environment. The workplace strategy plan will aim for long term financial benefit, but the benefits of an effective workplace strategy can go far beyond cost savings. Before the design stage, our consultants create an integrated workplace plan that efficiently accomplishes project goals. These are customised to suit your organisation, but often include:

  • Improve staff output and performance
  • Managing workplace change effectively
  • Workplace strategy Consulting
  • Implementing a successful culture change
  • User friendly  technology for all staff
  • Increase staff engagement, and collaboration
  • Increase creativity and innovation
  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Can help to reduce ongoing office costs
  • Environmental & sustainability impact  
  • Organisational Flexibility
  • Wellbeing Strategies in the Workplace
  • Workplace Planning Strategies
  • Workplace Retention Strategies
  • Workplace Strategy Services
  • Workplace transformation strategy
  • Real estate strategies for National corporations
  • Workplace Efficiency Audits
  • Office Workplace Strategy
  • Navigating Future of Work Integration
  • Workplace Strategist

What Office Staff Need in the Modern Workplace

A key aspect of the post Covid flexible/hybrid office worker is the increased dependence on personalised electronic devices, such as laptops, iPads, desktop printers, USB and phone charging areas. Some of the facilities staff need can be: 

  • Office staff need to be able to work effectively anywhere in the workplace, such as hot desks, breakout areas, quiet rooms, videoconferencing rooms, or community hubs.
  • Having spaces where staff can do their best work, and also have facilities such as, breakout areas, quiet rooms, yoga and prayer rooms, healthy food choices, and ergonomic furniture and seating.
  • For larger companies it may be appropriate to have end of trip facilities, for office staff who go to work cycling, jogging or walking. These End-of-trip facilities can be facilities like bicycle racks, locker rooms, gyms, changing rooms and showers.
  • Staff value a physical workplace where they can connect with other team members, to perform their work, as well as connect socially, and gain a sense of belonging to the wider organisation. The workplace can also be a place to cultivate teams, and can also be a place to re-charge with physical, emotional and social nourishment.
  • A supportive workplace, which is a safe place to work, and nourishes the workers minds, bodies, and spirits, and makes them feel valued by the organisation.
  • Office staff like seamlessness and ease of connection in the workplace, and these days they take for granted being supported with contemporary equipment and devices, that work effectively wherever they are located. 

How We Help Create Your Ideal Workplace Strategy

We will work with you and your team to identify the most appropriate activities to suit your organisations requirements. Common activities in a workplace strategy process can include:

  • Understanding your organisations current workplace, by gathering appropriate details for our analysis.

  • Engaging with your office team, to understand your companies vision, goals and functional requirements. 

  • Staff workplace experience surveys.

  • Audit of your storage requirements. 

  • Meetings with Senior Management. 

  • Cross Departmental workflow analysis.

  • Office Tech Integration analysis.

  • Detailing your workplace strategy and future office space requirements. 

Workplace Strategy Customised to Suit Your Teams Needs

Your organisation may have staff in the following categories, we plan the workplace strategy to accommodate their specific needs, so that they are empowered to be productive in their work. Some of these categories can be:

  • Office-Based Worker: e.g. receptionist, secretary, admin, accounts.
  • Hybrid Office Worker: e.g. staff who work from home some days.
  • In/Out Worker: e.g. sales representatives.
  • Worker with Private office: e.g. directors or senior managers.
  • Industry specific worker, or call centre/customer service.
  • Site-Based Worker: e.g. accountants audit work. 

This is customised to suit your companies needs, after consultation with your senior management, team leaders, and staff members. This is also important in creating the design brief, so that interior designers can then customise the most effective layout for your team.

Workplace Strategy before Leasing More Space or Relocating

If you are looking at relocating, or leasing more space, we can work with your nominated commercial leasing agent or tenant advisor, to inspect,  and conduct due diligence on possible buildings. This detailed analysis documents the important aspects of the site selection process, including size suitability, buildings amenities, engineering services, and council approval considerations. These are some of the many aspects of workplace strategy when relocating:

  • Workplace Strategy For New Offices.
  • Independent Site Selection Recommendations.
  • Selecting the best building to suit your workplace needs.
  • Buildings that reinvigorate your company, and attract and retain staff.
  • Workplace space audits.
  • Management and Staff Surveys
  • Detailed planning for the interior design stage.
  • Office Dilapidation Reports before relocating. 

As part of our comprehensive workplace service, we offer “Test Fit Layouts”  as part of our space planning process. This allows our clients to understand how their workplace requirements will fit into buildings that are being considered, and is an important part of the site selection and office relocation process. Read more how effective office design can improve staff productivity.

Improvements That Can Be Made Following Workplace Strategy

Some of the many improvements that can be made after your workplace strategy can be: 

  • Office has ambiance suitable for high staff productivity.
  • Printing  facilities are within easy reach of all staff.
  • Each staff member is located in the most suitable position in the office for the tasks they are performing.
  • Workplace has a flexible area with classroom seating for staff training.
  • Reception area is capable of seating appropriate number of . visitors.
  • Appropriate Storage space easily accessible by staff.
  • Videoconferencing facilities large enough for team meetings.
  • Managers have offices suitable for private confidential meetings.
  • Workplace has soundproof rooms suitable for meetings or interviews.
  • Hot desking area for staff who are often on the road, and in and out of the office.
  • Each department of the Company has definable areas as appropriate for team functionality.
  • Quiet rooms are available where staff can concentrate on specific tasks.
  • Breakout areas are available where staff can feel comfortable and relaxed in an informal area, to do their creative work.
  • Computer cabling or wifi is available wherever staff are located in the office.
  • Lighting is appropriate for the work that is being done in each location.
  • Staff feel invigorated by motivational quotes on office walls, that promote  high team morale.
  • Office amenities are close to where staff are located in the workplace.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable seating is available for all staff and visitors.

Office Technology Strategy

During our workspace strategy meetings with your managers and staff, we will coordinate with your IT manager in relation to the layout of your technologies, so that all of your staff have easy access to all technology facilities. Your organisation can have integrated technology throughout the office, that supports a flexible workforce and provides seamless connections between staff who work in the office, and also part time staff who work from home. Your office will then have a data supported strategy that has been designed to be flexible, effective and user friendly for your team. As well as the latest tech facilities, many Australian companies are now seeing the advantages of installing custom-designed videoconferencing and zoom rooms for their commercial offices. Read more about videoconferencing rooms fitouts.

Our Workplace Strategy Services

Offices are more successful when they’re created based on factual evidence and experience. By listening to your senior managers and staff, we will then be able to create the basis for a productive workplace strategy for your company. Whether you are relocating, or remaining in your existing office, we can offer you a fully integrated package of workplace services, extending from briefing through to documentation of the workplace strategy for your company. 

  • Develop and cultivate change in organisations that enable positive workplace transformation.
  • Customise commercial real estate strategies to suit your companies workplace.
  • Engaging office workers in the workplace strategy process to enhance company culture and improve staff morale.
  • A workplace strategy that supports business values such as innovation, creativity,  and sustainability.
  • Helping senior managers make informed strategic decisions about the companies workplace. 

We aim to stimulate practical user friendly ideas for your office, work together with your senior managers  to achieve successful business objectives, and create a successful workplace strategy that benefits all office workers. 

Our Team’s Experience & Expertise

Our team has created hundreds of  workplaces for companies throughout Sydney and interstate, so we know what a modern workplace needs to have to be successful and prosperous. We bring our design and project management experience from multiple industry sectors, showing you how the latest ways of working, and industry best  practices, can deliver a high performing workplace for your business. Our design and fit-out team can deliver your new or refurbished office  in a more efficient and cost-effective way, in a timeframe that’s suits your company. 

The Next Step After Your Workplace Strategy

After your workplace strategy is finished, the space planning and design phase is next. Whether you are relocating to a new office, or remaining in your existing office, your workplace strategy provides the necessary basis for any new or refurbished office space. 

At DY Constructions Australia, we design and construct office fit outs for companies throughout Sydney, NSW, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our complete workplace services and procedures include everything from initial site brief, to office interior design, and delivery of both new fitouts and refurbishments to existing spaces. Our interior designers can help you Design and construct a modern office that fits your workplace strategy, all customised to suit your individual needs. Our in-house design and project management team will successfully manage every phase of your project, from concept to completion. Read more about our Office Space Planning Services.

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