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How to Lease Vacant Office Space Quickly

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Many tenants find it difficult to see how they can fit their business into an office space, especially if the business is in the growth stage, and they are moving to a larger office.

If tenants are signing a long lease, they want to be confident that the office will be suitable for them in every regard, we can provide you with free test fit layouts, which can make the leasing decision easier and quicker for everybody.

DY Constructions Australia are now offering a free service to Tenants who want to sub-lease space, Landlords and real estate agents to help you lease more office space. We can supply you with Test Fit Layouts on the space you have for lease, you can then show these to tenants so they can see how many of their staff can fit into the suite, thereby making it easier and quicker for you to lease.

Later when you have a prospective tenant who is interested in leasing one of your offices, but is not sure how they can fit into space, we can offer Customised Space Plans to show your tenant the number of Offices, Workstations, Meeting Rooms, Store Rooms, and also positions of Reception Area, Kitchen, Server Room etc. Tenants can then visualise their office already fitted out, and this makes it easier for them to sign off on your space. These are some of the services we offer you to make leasing easier and faster.

  • Free Test Fit Layouts for Sub-Leasing
  • Free Test Fit Layouts on your Vacant Office Suites
  • Customised Space Plans for Individual Tenants
  • Sydneywide Service Including CBD
  • Makes Site Selection easier for Tenants
  • Tenants will sign Leases quicker
  • Complete Design & Fit-out Service
  • Less Vacancy Time on your Space
  • Sublease Test Fit Plans
  • Test Fit Plans for Warehouse Offices
  • Fitout Advisory Services for Suites with Partial Fit-outs
  • Complete Office Fit-out Service

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