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Office Layouts and Drawings are required for all new fit-out projects. DY Constructions Australia are now offering a custom design service to companies who lease new business premises. We can supply you with Test Fit Layouts on the space so you can then how many of your staff can fit into the suite, thereby making it easier and quicker for you to see if the space is suitable for you. A test fit layout is a floor plan used to confirm that a clients needs and requirements can be accommodated within a chosen office space. For example if you need four enclosed rooms, twenty work stations, two meeting rooms, a reception area, a kitchen, storeroom and comms room, the test fit layout will tell you if the space that you are looking at will be able to accommodate all these needs. When leasing new office space, it is best to document all the details for your office requirements as much as possible in order to get an accurate test fit layout. Growth projections for your company and the number of staff should also be factored in when doing a test fit layout.

Our in house design team offer an extensive range of office layout and drawings services for departments within large companies including corporate workspace layouts, sales team office plans, law firm office layouts, IT office drawings and executive office plans.

  • Office Layout Ideas
  • Test Fit Layouts for Office Suites 
  • Customised Space Plans for Individual Tenants
  • Makes Site Selection Easier for Tenants
  • Sydney wide Service Including CBD
  • Complete Design & Fit-Out Service 
  • Sublease Test Fit Plans 
  • Test Fit Plans for Warehouse Offices 
  • Advisory Services for Suites with Partial Fit-outs
  • Professional Workspace Design Service
  • Feng Shui Office Layouts
  • Open-plan Workspace Plans
  • Small Office Layout Designs
  • Best Office Design Plans
  • Office Desk Layout Templates
  • Office Layout Design
  • Shared Office Layouts
  • Best Office Layout Plans
  • Business Office Plans
  • Office Interior Design Drawings
  • Office Seating CAD Drawings

Objectives of Commercial Office Layouts

  • The space planning of the office ensures that workflow is uninterrupted.
  • The design provides a comfortable working environment, which brings satisfaction to all staff.
  • The formation ensures that office managers can supervise their team members in an efficient way.
  • The layout enables better communication between staff members.
  • The design ensures the best utilisation of the workspace, so that the spaces provided are effectively used.
  • The office provides a safe working environment.
  • The design has provisions for future expansion.

Popular Types of Office Layouts

  • Open Office Layout
  • Co-working Office Layout
  • Activity Based Lay-out
  • Cubicle Office Layout
  • Team-Cluster Office Layout
  • Hybrid Office Layout
  • Half Partition Layout
  • Private Offices Lay-out

Customised Layouts for Your Office

We can offer a Customised Space Plan to show you the number of Rooms, Workstations, Meeting Rooms, Store Rooms, and also positions of Reception Area, Kitchen, Server Room etc. You can then visualise your workplace already fitted out, and this makes it easier for you to sign off on your new premises. 


Detailed Office Layout Plans

A detailed office floor layout plan will show the location of partitions, doors, workstations, furniture, hallways, meeting rooms and boardrooms. The floor plan is drawn to scale and will indicate what the room types, boardroom sizes, and partition lengths are. A floor plan is one of the most important and useful tools you can create when planning your workspace. Whether your office is large or small, a floor plan will help you to see your options more easily, so you can to create a productive and effective workplace. If you are leasing a small to medium office, it’s best to consider the size and purpose of desks and fixtures and fittings carefully to use the space as efficiently as possible. Workplace layout plans are an essential part of any office planning or interior design project. Floor plans help you to see your office layout clearly, as well as what your various options are.

We Provide All Drawings for Your Project

After all details of the fitout brief has been established, our interior designer will create all necessary cad drawings for the project including:

  • Concept Layout Plans 
  • Existing Layout Plans
  • Demolition Plans
  • Floor Coverings Plans
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Furniture & Joinery Plans
  • Workstation Plans
  • Partition Plans
  • Painting Plans
  • New Floor Plans
  • Floorcoverings Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Fire Protection Drawings
  • Hydraulic Services Drawings
  • Mechanical Services Drawings
  • Signage Location Plans
  • Window & Door Schedules
  • Joinery Details Drawings

2D and 3D Floor Plans

There are two types of floor plans that are most beneficial for office layout planning. A 2D Floor Plan provides you with a clear overview of your office. You can see the office layout, the partitions workstations and the circulation space. They’re also helpful for figuring out office furniture layouts and office seating plans. Making a 2D floor plan is the best way to start any office planning project. A 3D office floor plan will take your office planning to the next phase, you can see the size, color, texture of the office space, as well how the office furniture and partitions will look.


If you would like to organise a custom test fit plan for your space, just call us on 1300 737 656 or email admin@dyconstructions.com.au

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