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Office Fitouts

DY Constructions Australia is a Commercial Design & Construct Office Fitout Company that has completed hundreds of fitouts throughout Sydney. Whatever the size of your office fitout, and whatever the scope of your fitout requirements, we can provide an excellent fitout solution for you. Delivered on time and on budget, all commercial fitout and refurbishment work completed by us in the Sydney area will satisfy your quality standards and expectations. We can handle all types of fit out works.

  • Commercial Office Fitout Design
  • Complete Office Fit Out Service
  • New Office Fit Outs 
  • Commercial Fitouts 
  • Showroom Fit Outs
  • Fitting Out Staff Rooms
  • Fitting Out New Offices
  • Receptions and Boardrooms
  • Business Park Commercial Fit Outs
  • CBD Office Fit Outs
  • Break Out Area Fitouts
  • Mezzanine Floor Office Fitting
  • Industrial Office Fitouts
  • Factory Fixtures & Fittings 
  • Workplace Fitouts
  • Design & Construct Service 
  • Fitout Project Management 
  • Offices Lobby Fitouts 
  • Corporate Office Fitouts
  • Complete Office Fitout Specialists
  • Office Refit
  • Office Fitting
  • Commercial Office Fitout
  • Office Fitout Companies
  • Turnkey Office Fit Out
  • Bespoke Office Fitout
  • Executive Office Fitout
  • High End Office Fitout
  • Office Space Fit Out

DY Constructions are one of the leading commercial office fit out companies in Sydney, and we offer an organisation with not only a proven track record in performance and capability in such fitouts, but also the correct planning, resources, experienced personnel and quality control, to achieve the office fitout that you require, on time and within budget.
Specialising in commercial office fit outs, we constantly seek ways to design and deliver fitouts that meet the satisfaction of all our clients, including small businesses, national companies, and multi-national corporates. We have completed hundreds of fitouts for companies in CBD areas, multi-storey office blocks, business parks, industrial areas, and suburban offices.

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Office Fit Out Costs

We can advise on the costs of an office fitout. We can consider the size of the office, your requirements, the number of offices, the grade of finishes, etc when advising you on the fitout costs. 

We can also advise on typical and average office fitout costs, depending on the m2 or the square foot, or square metres.

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A New Office Fitout Can Transform Your Business

A new fitout for your office can provide more than aesthetical benefits, it can increase the productivity of your team. You can rejuvenate your old office with a fresh new look by a re-design or reconfiguration We can provide the following services in the re-design/fitout of your business interiors:

  • Re-paint the office throughout in the colour of your choice, including new modern feature walls.
  • Supply new workstations, furniture joinery and fittings.
  • Remove and dispose of all redundant items.
  • Office fitout conversions, including open plan, and private offices with walls, doors and glass.
  • Soundproofing of walls and doors in office and meeting rooms.
  • Fitting out new workspace areas within your office.
  • Supply new full height partitioning floor with glass and alumnium.
  • We will coordinate with your building manager regarding all relevant office fitout requirements in your building.

How We Plan the Fitout of Your New Office

If you are thinking of leasing new office space, It’s important to plan your office fitout project well in advance, as usually there are many tasks that may need to be done before you move into your new office.

  • These can include deciding whether to move or relocate to new Premises and negotiations with your existing landlord, an inspection of offices for lease, shortlisting of suitable premises, feasibility studies on the best offices and lease negotiations with your new landlord.

  • We consult with you regarding your needs, and style preferences.

  • We can inspect your chosen spaces, and offer advice as to the most appropriate fitout for your business.

  • We can do test fit office layouts on some of the most appropriate offices, so you can see how your staff can fit into the suite, thereby making the decision easier on which office to lease.

How We Design Your Commercial Office Fitout

Once you have made the decision to relocate to a new office, we then start the design process by creating concept layouts for your new office, budget estimates on the fitout of your new premises, and detailed design and documentation for your project, and preparation of working plans, specifications, and schedules for your commercial office fitout.

  • Then our interior designers and project managers, use their experience and in-depth knowledge of design principles, concepts, and best practices to create a project plan for your commercial office fitout.

  • This project plan includes detailed drawings, and budgets for the supply and installation of all fixtures, fittings and equipment for your fitout.

  • We make sure the plans comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), the Tenancy Fitout Guidelines for your building, and local authority requirements.

We Create Your Office Fitout Space for Productivity

Productivity is important in any successful business. Before starting the design phase of your fitout, you could ask your staff what is important for them in the workplace, what inspires them and helps them find satisfaction in the work they do in the office.

  • This will give you the fitout information you need to base your decisions on, and it also helps your staff feel included and valued as part of your team. When staff knows that their opinions matter it will boost productivity levels in your office.

  • Some people work better when they have privacy, and then they can concentrate better on their work. We have many ways of creating privacy for your staff in the fitout, including privacy screens for workstations, and soundproof private offices.

  • When you get feedback from your staff, you may find some prefer electric sit-stand desks, and others prefer standard desks, we can then design the workstations to suit the specific needs of your staff.

  • Some of your team may work better when they have an informal area away from their desk, where they can continue to work in different surroundings, as part of the fitout we can create colourful breakout areas that will suit these team members.

  • Your team may regularly need to have team meetings where the discussions are confidential, we can create meeting rooms of various sizes to suit this purpose.

  • Your sales team may need videoconferencing facilities where they can discuss details with clients, we can create zoom rooms, or telepresence rooms fitted out with appropriate furniture, custom joinery, soundproofing, and all necessary technology installed by our electrician.

  • The above collaborative process will ensure you have all the correct work zones in place to satisfy the needs of your staff, and your office fitout will then be optimised for productivity.


How We Manage The Fitout Approvals Process For You

Generally, the Fitout process will require, coordination with the building’s nominated essential services contractors, council approval for the new building works, and the landlord approval process for the works as per the tenancy fitout guidelines.

  • We Review all technical details in the Tenancy Fitout Guideline requirements for your building.

  • We write the scope of works for the essential services subcontractors.

  • We submit an architectural design package to your Building Manager for approval of your fitout.

  • We organise as appropriate a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) for fitout works, including Construction Certificate (CC) and Occupation Certificate (OC).

  • As required we organise all the consultants and reports that may be required for your fitout, including access consultant’s report, BCA compliance report, town planner consultant, and essential services consultants.

How We Manage All The Fitout Works

We manage all aspects of your fitout works including.

  • Provide you with a full scope of works for your fitout.

  • We do a walk-through of the premises with you before the commencement of the works.

  • Prepare a dilapidation report if required, on the state of the existing building.

  • Submit a WHS (Work Health & Safety) site safety plan to your Building Manager.

  • Arrange site inductions for all tradesmen, coordinated with the requirements of your Building Manager.

  • We supply and install all required fitout works, including partitioning, doors, plumbing, tiling, ceilings, painting, and carpet.

  • We supply and install all fixtures and fittings including, workstations, furniture, joinery, kitchens, and storage cupboards.

  • All essential services include electrical, data, telephone, security, air conditioning, and fire protection.

  • Quality Control: After each trade installation a detailed quality control checklist will be completed and inspected by our Project Manager to ensure the highest standards for your fitout.

  • On Completion Day, our Project Manager will inspect the fitout with you to make sure you are fully satisfied in every aspect.

  • Once the occupation certificate is gained for the new fitout, then the relocation of your staff to the new premises can be started.

Our Unique Fitout Service

Our clients expect excellence in communication, service and delivery with DY Constructions Australia, and with our guarantee, your fitout project will be no different. This is what you can expect with DY Constructions Australia Unique Service.

  • Your fitout is fully guaranteed with “DY Construction’s Australia Guarantee”

  •  Your fitout will be within budget with DY Construction’s lump-sum pricing policy

  •  You will have the highest quality partitions with DY Constructions Australia’s unique partitioning system

  • Your fitout will start on the agreed date

  • You will be updated regularly on the progress of your fitout

  • You will save money by utilising one office fitout company for design and construction

  • Your project will be completed on time, to your satisfaction

  • You will have the benefit of DY Construction’s post-occupancy service, with site quality control checks after six weeks and again after six months

Warehouse, Factory & Mezzanine Floor Fitouts

Complete commercial warehouse fitouts including new mezzanine floors, new warehouse office fitouts, and storage solutions to transform your warehouse or factory into a clean and safe, well-organised, productive facility.

  • All types of industrial fitouts include converting warehouses into functional, spacious modern workplaces.

  • New Warehouse offices, including fitout, ceilings, walls, doors, alterations, and essential services.

  • New Mezzanines floor fitouts to create more office space.

  • Factory Fitouts, including additions and alterations to factory offices, lunchrooms, kitchens, toilets, and storerooms.

  • We will assist you with everything from a small warehouse alteration or expansion to a complete assessment, planning, construction and installation of a total warehouse fitout solution.

  • We can re-design and fitout your warehouse or factory, so that it is more productive and efficient, and safer for your staff.

  • If required we can re-design your premises, to increase your operational and storage capacity, and also your office space area.

Types of Office Fitouts We Design & Build

We complete all types of interior fitouts including:

  • Corporate Office Fitouts

  • Workplace Fitouts

  • Office Alterations and Additions

  • Corporate Office Transitions

  • Reception and Boardroom Fitouts

  • Churn and Changes to Office Layouts

  • Recording and Post Production Studios

  • Warehouse Office Fitouts

  • CBD Office Building Fitouts

  • Business Park Fitouts

  • Showroom Fitouts

  • Industrial Fitouts

  • Complete Interior Project Management

Small Office Fitouts

DY Constructions Australia are highly experienced in small office fitouts, and customising them to suit your needs. We have completed many small fit outs for companies in Sydney. Small office fit outs can be challenging as space optimisation and space planning is critical. However we are fitout specialists in this field and we offer office fitout solutions for small offices and spaces.

Modern Office Fitouts

We keep to to date with office fitout trends, including modern office fitout trends. These include the types of flooring, partitions, joinery and finishes. We can design and fitout your office to be modern and in tune with the latest design standards. We are an office fitting company that can deliver all types of modern offices.

Office Refit

We are able to refit your office, including to redesign it to suit your needs. An office refit can transform your office. We are an office fitout contractor that can assist with all your needs.

Executive Office Fitouts

We can fitout your office with executive offices in a space that is designed to impress your clients. Executive offices may feature glass walls, and large workstations. We can fitout your offices for executives that inspire, and promote creativity.

Turnkey Office Fit Out

A turnkey office fit out is an office space that will be fitted out according to custom specifications and requirements. 

We can design and fitout your office in a turnkey manner, to meet your exact needs, and we can agree on the detailed fit out design and finishes. We also offer can complete the turnkey fitout for landlords on behalf of the tenant. Landlords may also offer incentives for turnkey office fitouts which can benefit the tenant.

Bespoke Office Fitout

A bespoke office fit out is one where the fitout is completely custom and designed to suit the exact needs of the tenant and company. We can consult with you and understand your needs, before preparing a Proposal for your fitout project. A bespoke fitout ensures that the space is tailored to suit your needs, and it is effectively custom made.

Covid Office Fitouts for Your Office

As working life returns to normal after Covid, many companies are opting to return to a commercial office for work. Working from home is continuing on a part-time basis, as an extension of the office, which means that commercial offices are being fitted out for staff again. Covid safe fitouts are essential to ensure workplaces are safe and that staff can feel productive and empowered as they return to the office. Designing offices for staff productivity and safety is an important part of the office fitout process.

  • We can fitout your office, to comply with the latest government safety guidelines for Covid-19.

  • Relocate partitions and screens to comply with social distancing guidelines.

  • Modify or adjust workstations and desks to maintain social distancing of 1.5m between office workers.

  • Install transparent safety glass barriers to separate workers and visitors, where social distancing is not an option.

  • Re-arrange bench seating or joinery in reception areas, lunchrooms, boardrooms, break-out areas and
    videoconferencing rooms, to maintain social distancing.

  • Install signage, tape marks, or other visual indicators such as decals on glass, or coloured tape on the floor, placed 1.5m apart, to show where to stand when physical barriers are not possible.

  • Install Touchless glass entry doors.

  • Install glass barriers for reception desks.

  • Supply Entro Touch-free automatic closers for existing timber doors, or new doors.

  • Install BioCote Door handles with Antimicrobial protection, to existing glass or timber doors.

  • In-office kitchens Supply Zip Hydrotap Touch Free Wave instant hot water service.

  • In toilets provide touchless fixtures such as automatic toilet flushes, taps. air fresheners and electric hand dryers.

  • We supply and install covid-19 safety accessories, including; sneeze guards, desk-based hygiene screens, telescopic adjustable sign stands, hands sanitiser signs, dispenser tables, social distancing floor decals, and all other accessories to make your office safe.

As an office fit out company, we are capable of conducting a wide range of fitout projects for you in Sydney. Whether you simply need an office refurbishment, or whether you are seeking to relocate to a brand new office, DY Constructions Australia have the skills, experience and expertise to offer you a complete fitout solution.

Call us today on 1300 737 656 to discuss your office fitout needs.

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