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Office Space Planning

We are Office Space Planning Specialists and can handle your project from concept until completion. Our standard office fit out services and procedures include everything from an initial site brief to office workspace design and eventual office fitout or refurbishment, including all building trades such as office partitioning, workstations, painting, joinery, carpets, plumbing, air conditioning, and electrical services.

We can design commercial offices of all sizes, small, medium, and large. Whatever your design requirements are, e.g., for a boardroom, reception area, open-plan offices, office kitchens, office breakout areas, showrooms, office lobby areas, industrial fit outs, or base building refurbishments, our designers can provide you with a stylish, modern layout to suit your needs. 

At DY Constructions Australia, our passion for design sets us apart. We are the experts in office design and fit-out and we know design can make a difference to the morale and productivity in your work environment. Our passion is to capture this difference to create an innovative workplace solution. Our collaborative design process is based on teamwork. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, and this comes about through understanding the client, their people, their business and their future directions. Our design process is collaborative, involving the client, our people, and a range of specialist consultants who come together to create your workplace solution. Teamwork means we also recognise and reward the people who believe in DY Constructions’ vision and contribute to our success.

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Interior Office Design
Office Design Sydney

Example of a 3D Walkthrough We Can Do For Your New Office Fit Out

Office Space Planning Procedures

Office space planning takes a much more detailed look at your space than a test fit layout. The interior designer will block out particular interior areas, define circulation space and create drawings for workstations, furniture and equipment. The difference between a test fit layout and a detailed space plan is the level of detail that is documented in the drawing. Where a test fit tests to see if your requirements can be met within a given area, a space plan will elaborate on your space and what it will look and feel like. The client’s detailed design requirements and project needs are built into workspace planning. Office space planning also allows for workflows, image and atmosphere, efficiency, ergonomics, interior design details and selected materials for the project. The space plan is where you will really begin to understand how your space will be presented to your employees.  

How We Plan Your New Office Space

Office breakout areas are an important part of modern space planning for offices. DY Constructions Australia designs and builds office breakout areas to suit the individual needs of our clients. By having a colourful breakout space away from the activity of the main office, staff can reflect on their work tasks and think clearly. The breakout space often encourages relaxation and social interaction, afterwards employees arrive back at their desks feeling revived, refreshed and are then ready to concentrate on their work. By having a well-designed breakout space, you demonstrate to staff that you take their wellbeing seriously, and by encouraging interaction and having a beautiful breakout area for relaxation, a culture where lunch breaks are seen as a vital part of the working day is encouraged.

Happy, refreshed staff are less stressed and also tend to feel more valued when they are well taken care of by management. The breakout area can also be used outside of lunch hours as an alternative casual work space, hotdesking space, or informal meeting or interview space. By utilising the breakout space, your office can be used to its full potential throughout the day, not just during break times.


Office Space Planning Requirements

Our interior designer can customise the design to suit your company specific requirements. Some of the items you may need to consider can include: 

Reception Area Requirements

  • Waiting area
  • Reception Desk
  • Floor Coverings
  • Ceiling Finish
  • Waiting Area Furniture
  • Credenza

Boardroom Requirements

  • Boardroom Tables
  • Boardroom Chairs
  • Credenza/Storage Cupboards
  • Audio Visual
  • Video Conferencing
  • Paint Feature Wall

Working Area Requirements

  • Computer Room

  • Director’s Office

  • Manager’s Office

  • Standard Office

  • Workstations

  • Meeting Room/Area

  • Interview Room/Area

  • Training Room

  • Utility Area

  • Store Room


  • Kitchen

  • Breakout Area

  • Chairs & Seating

  • Floor Coverings

  • Ceiling Finishes

  • Data/Electrical

  • Air Conditioning

  • Fire Protection

  • Floor Covering

  • Demolition/Retrofit

Special Design Requirements

  • What type is the building A, B or C grade
  • Fitout to match finishes in building lobby area

  • Natural light requirements

  • Company logo and signage requirements

  • Is open plan important, or are lots of offices required


  • Is privacy between offices important?
  • Any special security considerations

  • Any special budget considerations

  • Any special client company culture consideration

  • Are there any existing items to be relocated

Office Planning Services

We offer a complete range of office planning services, including feasibility studies, Concept office planning, Workplace Design, Warehouse Space Planning, Office Space Planning, Commercial Interior Design, CAD Drawings for your Workplace, 3D imaging, and 3D walkthroughs.

Our in-house division specialises in space analysis and planning, interior design, and project management to ensure a streamlined process from concept through to completion. Our team understands that each company has unique and specialised workspace requirements and focuses on creating a custom-designed office space that meets the needs of all office staff.

Whether you are relocating, refurbishing or leasing additional office space, we can help you design and construct your new office workplace. DY Constructions Australia are design and construct specialists who are able to handle your project from concept to completion.

Call us today on 1300 737 656 for a customised space plan for your new office. We can assist with all your space planning and spatial planning needs.

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