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For Modern Office Interiors that best suits your individual workplace, you need the perfectly customised solution that only an experienced office interior design & construct company in Sydney can deliver. We supply all trades that are required to carry out any office interior or refurbishment work. When you leave your office design and fit-out to DY Constructions Australia, we take care of everything so you can stay focused on running your workplace. We cover all areas of Sydney including business parks, industrial estates, warehouses and CBD areas.

DY Constructions fit out team supply a complete range of commercial interior services to our clients including, office reception interiors, showroom interiors, industrial office interiors, veterinary interior fit-outs, warehouse office interiors, telepresence room interior fit outs, retail & shop interiors, corporate interiors, workplace interiors, agile interiors, office interior alterations, healthcare interiors, education interiors, laboratory interior projects, medical centre interior fit-outs, childcare interior projects, hospitality interiors, and lobby & base building interior upgrades.

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Office Interior Design and Office Fitouts in Sydney
Office Interior Design and Office Fitouts in Sydney

Popular Types of Modern Office Interiors:

There are many types of modern office interior layouts available today, our interior designers can custom design the perfect workspace for your company or organization that aligns with your company’s goals, values and individual needs, and also the type of building you are in, whether it is a suburban office, a CBD office block, in a business park, or in an industrial area. These are some of the most popular office interior layouts with Australian companies

Private Offices With Glass Partitions

Interior Glass partitions and doors in the office have been popular for many years, and they are an important part of the modern workplace.  The best modern office interiors make extensive use of glass. The glass in offices is generally laminated or toughened safety glass which is also very strong and break resistant. There are many benefits of having private offices in the workplace, eg staff with offices find it easier to concentrate on their work, as they have privacy from the noise in the office. Soundproofing in offices boardrooms and meeting rooms can be further increased by the use of plasterboard dividing walls, and also plasterboard ceiling’s with insolation overhead. Glass interior walls allow plenty of sunlight and daylight to spread through the office, this can be healthier for staff than the artificial lights in the ceiling. Glass partitions and glass doors also  promote more transparency in the modern workplace. Employes can see what managers are doing and therefore become better team players. Glass walls and glass doors can also reduce the feeling of being isolated from the rest of the team. glass walls and doors in meeting rooms have good sound proofing qualities, so they still allow people at meetings to concentrate and focus on their work. Reception areas are usually cordoned off with full height partitions which gives privacy to both the receptionist and visitors in the waiting area.

Industrial Office Interiors.

Transforming factories, warehouses, and industrial buildings with industrial office designs has became very popular in recent years. The industrial office interior is an aesthetic style of design that is unsophisticated, it can be rustic, uncomplicated, and unrefined. The industrial office interior attracts younger and creative companies looking to exercise their creativity and unconventional way of doing business. From a budget standpoint, industrial office interiors  are generally more budget friendly than other types of corporate office designs. As such, it is a design that is more commonly embraced by new startup companies such as those found in many city fringe areas.

Some of the more popular elements of an industrial office interior are, Exposed air conditioning ducts, polished chrome stainless steel finishes, Exposed  wooden beams, High ceilings, polished timber staircases, Exposed brickwork, less interior partitions, large window openings, Natural polished wood finishes, polished Concrete floors, and hanging lights. In converted industrial buildings,factories and warehouses it has become popular to convert the mezzanine floor areas into new office space.

Activity Based Working Interiors

This modern interior design means that employees can work anywhere in the office that suits their current role, eg if a person needs to do work that requires a high level of focus, he or she can move to a quiet area to reduce distractions from other staff. Alternatively if an employee is doing work that requires collaboration with other workers, then he or she can sit at a traditional office desk next to other workers in an open layout type of seating arrangement.

This is a list of all the different types of separate areas in an Activity Based Working system:

Open Workspace Layouts: These are areas of the office that have a more traditional type of desking system, where staff are seated close to each other without any partitions or walls barriers separating them. Generally instead of each staff member having their own desk, they share long workbenches. Each employee has his or her own individual area and items on the workbench, such as a desktop computer, landline phone, and mobile pedestal. Open office areas are suitable for team activities such as where staff may need to ask many questions of each another. Open office areas can lack privacy, and usually need quiet areas close by, for phone calls etc.

Quiet Areas: These are usually  enclosed sound proof cubicles or quiet areas that allow staff to make private telephone calls. These booths or areas may also be used to hold discreet meetings between two employees. Many private phone calls are totally unplanned and unscheduled. These are also areas where staff can concentrate deeply without distractions from others.

Meeting Room Areas: These are rooms where groups of staff can meet to discuss work in a private setting. The meeting room can be either a boardroom, enclosed office or interview room. In some companies there are very few meeting room so staff need to reserve time slots for each meeting. Business meetings can be also be held in lounge areas, cafe areas or break out areas.

Break Out Areas: A break out area is any space open to staff or visitors that is separate from their normal working area. It can be a place for staff to relax, eat their lunch and even hold casual business meetings. Giving staff a break from their normal desk also complies with work health and safety rules, which require workers to take  breaks from their desks when useing computers. They are ideal places for staff to casually brainstorm new ideas, discuss the latest work project.

Which Modern Office Interior Is best for Your Company?

As you decide which of the above modern layouts are suitable for your next office Fit-out or refurbishment, you may want to consider not only their impact on your staff’s motivation, health, and productivity, but also whether these layouts suit your business structure.

At DY Constructions Australia we offer a complimentary consultation at your office by one of our experienced interior designers who will advise you on which interior system is best for your company, and provide you with a concept design layout and proposal for your fit out, which includes supplying all fixtures and fittings. Your office fit-out will be completed on time and within budget, and to the high level of quality you expect.

Call us today on 1300 737 656 to discuss your office interior design or fit-out needs.

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