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Policies & Governance

DY Constructions Australia complies with all government and local authority requirements for the design and construction of office fit-outs throughout Australia, we have documented this compliance in our policies, which are attached below. These policies cover such areas as Quality Management, Work Health and Safety, Environment, Modern Slavery, Ethical Procurement, Social Sustainability, Diversity, and Local Economic Sustainability.

Quality Management System Policy

DY Constructions Australia is committed to fitting out and refurbishing office spaces, and to the continual improvement of services that we provide to meet all our client’s needs, produce work that we can be justifiably proud of whilst maintaining profitability, and continually striving to be the best provider of fitout and refurbishment services in the industry.

DY Constructions Australia aims to achieve the above by implementing a management system that complies with the international standard ISO 9001 in line with Clause 5.2. We maintain a commitment to meeting our clients’ requirements and learning from customers’ feedback and legal and regulatory requirements while implementing continual system development to ensure it remains effective.

The training and supervision of our project management team and on-site tradesmen are fundamental to the success of our quality program. We have created our quality control and management system to bring our projects in on time and to the standard of finish our clients expect. We also liaise with our subcontractors and suppliers to ensure they follow our quality procedures.

We will maintain our excellent reputation for quality by continually achieving standards of service that comply with all standards and statutory regulations and by encouraging tradesmen and subcontractors’ involvement and commitment in developing and implementing our quality systems. We will reinforce this through strict monitoring of quality in all of our management procedures and on all of our worksites.

The Directors, Management and Staff are responsible for quality control through the quality management system, seeking improvement through constant review, with suppliers and sub-contractors being encouraged to cooperate. All personnel within the company are responsible for the quality of their work. DY Constructions Australia provides training and has established systems to assist all personnel in achieving the standards required.

DY Constructions Australia is committed to achieving customer satisfaction through the use of quality procedures that will be operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001.

Work Health and Safety Policy

The object of DY Constructions Australia’s work health and safety policy is to:

  • Identify hazards in the workplace and implement strategies to control and, wherever possible, eliminate such risks.
  • To help establish a control mechanism to ensure the safety of its employees and subcontractors.
  • To establish a forum where employees and subcontractors can contact us with any issues that arise (including the notification of workplace accidents and injuries) regarding workplace health and safety.
  • To produce (in conjunction with staff involved) safe work method statements and safety rules and instructions.

DY Constructions Australia aims to lead the way in Work Health and Safety (WHS) within the fitout industry. We apply quality and safety standards established to protect our clients, our contractors, our tradesmen, and members of the public.

This is achieved by maintaining AS/NZS ISO 45001, which covers our operation’s activities.

This has the objective of eliminating work-related injury and illness by:

  • Providing adequate resources to ensure that proper provision can be made for health and safety.
  • Conforming to all legal and statutory requirements, being the Act, Regulations or Codes of Practice.
  • Assessing and eliminating risks to health, work, and safety and minimising those risks as far as is practicable.
  • Providing and maintaining a work environment without risks to work, health and safety.
  • Providing and maintaining safe systems of fitout work.
  • Providing adequate facilities for the welfare of workers who are carrying out work on behalf of DY Constructions Australia.
  • Providing any information, training, instruction or supervision necessary to protect all persons from risks to their health and safety arising from work carried out on behalf of DY Constructions Australia.
  • Ensure that the health of workers and the conditions at the worksite are monitored to prevent illness or injury arising from the conduct of the business.
  • Auditing the program and conducting periodic reviews ensure that aspects of the WHS management system function correctly.
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets to document the progress of our WHS systems.

DY Constructions Australia is committed to achieving customer satisfaction and a safe work environment for all staff, subcontractors, suppliers and clients by the use of procedures that will be operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 45001.

Environmental Policy

DY Constructions Australia believes our team members, suppliers and subcontractors have a responsibility to promote sustainable environmental policies in relation to the use and disposal of resources used in office interior fit-outs.

DY Constructions is committed to protecting the environment by constantly improving its environmental performance by giving priority to suppliers and subcontractors who are also committed to protecting the environment, constantly updating our systems and procedures to comply with environmental regulations and
directing our designers to be environmentally responsible when designing office fitouts for clients.

At DY Constructions Australia, it is our policy to ensure our fitouts, operations, products and services comply with AS/NZS ISO 14001, industry best practice codes and other standards relevant to our business; identify, monitor and control the environmental impacts of products and services utilised and provided; define and communicate environmental aims, objectives, targets and operating procedures to relevant workers and external stakeholders;

We will ensure that our workers have the training needed to actively engage in, lead and achieve our commitment to environmental care.

We will communicate with relevant statutory authorities to meet their environmental needs in:

  • pollution, emissions and waste;
  • the use of raw materials, energy and supplies; and
  • the procurement of raw materials, energy and supplies from recycled, sustainable or renewable sources.

At DY Constructions Australia, we will monitor and evaluate our company’s performance in relation to the objectives and targets we have set to identify areas for the improvement in the conservation of all our resources and the prevention of pollution.


1. DY Constructions will comply with all statutory regulations and policies in relation to environmental procedures.

2. We will use our design expertise to create innovative products that have reduced environmental impacts.

3. We will help clients on a project by project basis to select and find environmentally responsible ways to design and construct their office fitouts without sending large amounts of waste into landfills.

4. Recycling and re use of components such as doors, locks, aluminium, glass etc where possible.

5. Use of refurbished materials in workstations.

6. Inform carpet recycling companies to remove and reuse carpet of good quality from our projects.

7. Encourage landlords to store on site left over materials when a tenant moves out and the space has not been released to a new tenant yet.

8. Specify energy efficient lighting.

9. Promote to our clients the re use of existing ceilings instead of new ceilings wherever possible.

10. Sell furniture that is no longer required to second hand dealers who can refurbish for re use.

11. Specify materials and products that can be recycled whenever possible.

12. Design fitouts that minimise energy usage.

13. On projects, manage waste disposal so that it can be sold, re used or recycled where possible.

14. Promote an environmentally responsible culture in DY Constructions through our systems and procedures.

15. Encourage suppliers and sub contractors to adopt environmentally sustainable practices when working on DY Constructions projects.

DY Constructions Australia is committed to continual improvement to enhance environmental performance by the use of procedures which will be operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 14001.

Diversity Policy

DY Constructions Australia is committed to creating an inclusive working environment for our office staff and workers on our office fitout sites throughout Australia based on merit, fairness, and respect. A workplace that encourages skilled people of any background to produce their best work of the highest possible quality. As a humane company, we welcome the skills, abilities, and experience that only a diverse and inclusive work team can provide to generate solutions and give advice that improves society.

This policy applies to:
DY Constructions Australia
All employees of DY Constructions Australia, as well as contractors, sub-contractors, labour-hire employees, apprentices, and trainees,
Workers seeking employment with DY Constructions Australia.

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity means that DY Constructions Australia will:
• Treat everyone fairly, with dignity and respect; as we wish to be treated.
• Empower a diverse workforce. Leverage our diversity to create opportunities to deliver excellence to all our workers.
• Maintain fair and honourable dealings with our staff, where recognition, reward, and opportunity reflect the individual’s ability, experience, and career goals.
• Create a workplace environment that brings the best skills to our work, in which we value individual differences and recognise the contributions of all our team members.
• Recruit talented staff from various backgrounds with differing beliefs and personal characteristics.
• Ensure full and effective participation and equal work opportunities for all team members.
• Invest in the education and development of our staff and give them opportunities to reach their full career potential.
• Have a safe and inclusive workplace where every worker can develop regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, cultural background, religious belief, sexual orientation or socio-economic background, or marital or family status.
• Have a workplace with zero tolerance towards discrimination, harassment, and bullying.
• Equitable remuneration based on roles, responsibilities, and performance will be provided to all of our workers, whether they work in our office or on our construction sites.
• Identify and address inappropriate behaviour or discrimination in the workplace.
• Seek to work with clients, suppliers and subcontractors with due consideration that their diversity commitments are consistent with ours.
• We actively seek to employ people who may be experiencing barriers to entering the workforce, such as refugees, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, disabled people, Indigenous people, young people, older people, and sole parents.
• We will provide appropriate work training, development, and/or mentoring opportunities to people experiencing barriers to entering the workforce through apprenticeships, internships and volunteer placements.
• Measure how we are performing; report regularly and act to address any barriers.
• Promote a people-centred work culture where staff feel safe, respected, and valued. We will create a positive and productive workplace where people are set up for success and can thrive.

We have created this diversity policy to help us achieve the aims set out in it while fulfilling applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements. This policy will be implemented through rules, procedures, and guidance on all of our office fitout projects throughout Australia. We measure our performance and review the policy annually or more frequently if necessary

Ethical Procurement Policy

• Our procurement sets our entire supply chain in motion and sets the tone for all subsequent events, including the final delivery of office fitout services to our customers.
• In procurement, we aim always to practice integrity, avoid conflicts of interest, treat suppliers, subcontractors, and consultants equally and fairly, and comply with all Australian legal and statutory obligations.
• When deciding to purchase building products, materials, goods, or services or carry out fitout projects, we are committed to ensuring appropriate consideration for potential environmental, economic, and social sustainability impacts.
• We regularly assess our suppliers’ corporate social responsibility policies and practices.
• We also assess our subcontractors’ policies and practices for corporate social responsibility.
• We monitor to prevent unethical or illegal supplier business procedures and practices that could impact our organization’s procurement efficiency and reputation.
• We actively seek to ensure that fair wages, at or above the relevant award rates, are paid to all employed by our suppliers, subcontractors, and consultants.

• DY Constructions Australia expects high standards of ethical conduct and compliance with all applicable laws. Suppliers, subcontractors, and consultants are expected to be ethical in their business activities, including relationships, practices, sourcing and business operations.
• In all sourcing activities, DY Constructions Australia will adopt a strategic approach using category segmentation, e.g., trades, labour, or materials.
• We maintain a tendering system where the bidding process and other procurement processes are more streamlined, transparent, and fair. 
• Worker health, safety and well-being are essential to DY Constructions Australia. Suppliers and subcontractors are expected to provide a healthy and safe working environment and integrate health and safety management practices into their operations.
• All Suppliers and subcontractors are expected to minimise the environmental impact of their operations and always maintain environmentally responsible policies and practices.
• All of our subcontractors, suppliers and consultants will be treated fairly at all stages of the procurement process so that everyone understands the elements of the process. This includes the procedures, timescales, requirements, and criteria for selection.
• We maintain a subcontractor or supplier onboarding process that documents details such as relevant experience, workplace safety, insurance, and appropriate licenses.
• To guide the procurement approach for any trade, goods, or services, deriving the best value for money, quality, and on-time delivery outcomes.
This requires DY Constructions Australia to:
• Analyse the spending involved and categorise it according to similar trades, materials, goods, or services.
• Analyse the total cost of ownership, market and environmental factors, risk and complexity associated with each trade or material category, and determine the potential for collective procurement to add value to the category through leveraging market power or other factors to segment spend categories.
• Provide a guide, based on the category segmentation, to the best market approach and contract management strategy for each trade or material category.
• The managing director will approve the categorisation of spend and the intended approach to market for each trade or material category.

• Improved timeliness of delivery
• Improved compliance and transparency
• Improved quality of fitouts
• Reduced operational and installation costs

We have developed this ethical procurement policy to enable us to achieve the aims set out in it while fulfilling applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements. This policy is being implemented across all of our fitout projects throughout Australia through rules, procedures, and guidance. We measure our performance and will review the policy annually.

Local Economic Sustainability Plan

DY Constructions Australia understands that with every Fitout or refurbishment project we do, we have the opportunity, together with our clients, our staff, suppliers, and the local communities where we work, to build a better future. Whenever we are doing a Fitout project in a local area, we endeavour where practical and economically feasible to use local suppliers, subcontractors and consultants as part of our project team.
Using local workers, subcontractors, and suppliers means less fuel is used, which has many environmental benefits.
DY Constructions Australia actively seeks to ensure that the supply chain directly benefits the local area while we are doing a Fitout project there.
By understanding the challenge of sourcing suitable labour and materials earlier in the planning stage of the projects, we aim to utilise the services of the following local workers and suppliers as follows:

Where possible, we also use local construction workers.
We sometimes use local labour hire agencies to source local workers.
Local construction workers can sometimes be the most efficient way to execute key aspects of a project, while other jobs may require specialised skills not available to locals.
The construction phase of a Fitout project in a local community can offer immediate employment opportunities and stimulate the local economy in the short term.

We use local suppliers to source materials such as;
Plasterboard & Accessories
Laminated Safety Glass
Partitioning Aluminium
Steel Stud Framing

We utilise local recycling centres when we have leftover materials that can be recycled incl.;

Where appropriate, we engage the services of local consultants incl.;
Private Certifiers
Access control consultants
Essential Services Consultants
Structural Engineers.

Modern Slavery Policy

This statement is issued by DY Constructions Australia.
DY Constructions Australia is a commercial office fitout company with permanent offices in Sydney and operates solely within Australia. We service the needs of our many National, multinational, government and institutional clients on the eastern seaboard of Australia, including Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong, and country NSW. We offer a fresh, innovative, and exciting way to create beautiful commercial office spaces and interiors. We provide Fitout solutions across the office, commercial, and industrial sectors. We aim to work with our stakeholders who are aligned with our business values of, Accountability, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Collaboration.

DY Constructions Australia prides itself on its commitment to honest and ethical business practices. We are committed to making a positive difference for our clients through excellent Fitout services, including our responsibility with practices that identify and manage modern slavery risks through the Modern Slavery Act 2018. DY Constructions Australia understands that it could face a possible risk of modern slavery within its operations and supply chain because of the demand for building workers who may be at risk of exploitative practices and for building materials that could be sourced from high-risk countries. Building and construction have been identified as one of the sectors most prone to labour exploitation, often through the use of temporary workers in the industry workforce and the procurement of building materials and products. Regardless of where our materials are sourced from, we recognise that construction products can be manufactured and assembled in different countries, elevating the risk of modern slavery. The construction supply chain for raw materials is long and complex, sometimes making it difficult for end users to trace their origins, so we are vigilant in our approach to monitoring this. We understand that we operate in a business with a wide range of subcontractors, suppliers, products and materials that could expose our fitout business.

Our aim is to alleviate the risks of modern slavery practises by applying a practical approach which includes the following actions:

  • Our managing director meets regularly with project managers and staff to monitor the effectiveness of our modern slavery statement and plan and to create continual improvements to our systems. 
  • We organise training for all our employees to educate them on identifying possible modern slavery risks. 
  • We provide our suppliers with the tools and knowledge to participate in any required traceability studies.
  • All DY Constructions Australia staff now share the same corporate governance function. Therefore, the elements of both this statement and the modern slavery plan are consistently applicable to all Fitout Operations that the company undertakes. 
  • DY Constructions Australia will implement requirements within our tendering process for our supply chain to warrant that they will help us achieve the objectives of our modern slavery statement.

The effectiveness of the actions taken above will be the responsibility of our Managing Director, who will review and report on a yearly basis.
These measurements will include but are not limited to:
1. Completion of all deliverables as listed above.
2. Take stock of the impacts of actions taken by performing a yearly analysis of modern slavery preventative actions. Have a monitoring system to ensure that all actions can be accurately measured and improved upon.
3. Full competency achieved for all project managers and staff following the training sessions and meetings.

DY Constructions Australia Pty has prepared this statement and applies it to our only wholly-owned entity.

It was developed in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018. It describes how DY Constructions Australia has addressed modern slavery risks in all areas of its office fit out business.

Social Sustainability Plan

. We aim to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.
. Our social sustainability plan ensures we consider the impact of everything we do. It covers every aspect of our Fitout operations. It sets our standard for how we will make a positive impact within our environment, our industry, our economy, and our country.
. Each part of our sustainability and social plan allows us to continually improve our impact.
. DY Constructions Australia will actively seek to purchase building materials, products, goods or services from any supplier, organisation, community, or individual with a social sustainability purpose, such as charities, social enterprises, community organisations, cooperatives, or non-profit associations.

. When it comes to design, it’s ultimately about creating offices that promote the well-being of its inhabitants by understanding what people need from their workplaces. 
. We aim for excellent social sustainability in design, which not only meets the needs of its current members but also supports the ability of future generations to maintain a healthy workplace community.
. The design and planning phase is crucial for sustainability. To decrease the amount of waste generated during a building’s lifespan, we work with consultants and engineers to create designs that facilitate reuse and recycling.

For example, strategies may include:
. Sustainable Material Usage
. Office Space Optimisation
. Flexible Interior Design
. Reusing Existing Materials
. Sustainable Construction Systems
. Working With Sustainable Subcontractors

. DY Constructions Australia aspires to achieve the best sustainable outcomes. We lead by example, inspiring our industry and collaborating with our clients to deliver improved outcomes.
. We know that our actions drive change, and our strong culture and track record of embracing sustainability on fitout projects means we can reduce our environmental impact during construction.
. DY Constructions Australia uses its purchasing power to generate social benefits. In addition to the required goods and services, it provides an opportunity to positively transform people’s lives without compromising the quality of goods or services provided.
. We endeavour to reduce the consumption of limited resources by finding alternative resources, products or materials with fewer environmental consequences.
. We avoid activities that generate unnecessary waste.
. Where possible, we replace raw materials with recycled alternatives.
. We recycle waste and leftover materials where possible.
. An example of our social sustainability in construction is when we request a social enterprise do some work. Or when we ask a supplier or subcontractor to provide social benefits, like work opportunities for long-term job seekers.
. For community engagement, we have come up with many ways to give back, including when we have Stripout projects, where we donate some second-hand furniture to charities and “not-for-profits” such as churches, schools, and/or communities in the local area.
. Our practices are guided by our environmental policies and Environmental Management System, accredited to ISO 14001 by GCC Certification.

We have developed this social sustainability policy to help us achieve the aims set out in it while fulfilling applicable legal and regulatory requirements. This policy is being implemented across all of our fit-out projects throughout Australia through rules, procedures, and guidance. We measure our performance, regularly review our business priorities, and decide what sustainability goals are appropriate. We invite feedback from stakeholders, employees, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, and the greater community to understand the potential benefits of a more socially aware business.

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