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Glass Doors for Offices

Transform Your Office with Frameless & Aluminium Framed Glass Doors.

Frameless glass doors can be part of an elegant design for your office and will prove to be visually attractive to both reception areas and offices. Aluminium framed doors are great for areas where visibility is required especially entry doors, hallway doors and doors to meeting rooms. Graphic privacy film may be applied in various colours if required. We take care of the lot for you: aluminium framing, glazing, privacy film, architectural door furniture and supply and installation. We are complete office fitout specialists.

DY Constructions Australia can supply and install most types of interior doors that are required as part of an office fitout. We have our own team of tradesmen who are experienced in the fabrication of aluminium door jambs and aluminium glazed doors. Office doors come in a variety of designs including frameless hinged, sliding, bi-fold and custom-designed. Glazed doors can have either slimline latches or locks with lever or stylish D-handles, and can also be supplied with automatic door closers.

The doors can either be full height from floor to ceiling, or can be the standard door height which is 2040mm. If required, transoms can be installed in the door to suit your design requirements. The safety glass we use is laminated to Australian standards and the aluminium powdercoat comes in many attractive colours. As we have our own tradesmen to install the glass doors, our turnaround time is usually very quick.

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Aluminium Framed Glass Doors

Aluminium framed glass doors add a modern finish to the interior of any commercial office space. Custom made with long lasting durable components, aluminium framed glazed doors need little maintenance and are ideal for heavy traffic office areas, including office lobby doors, office entrance doors, hallway doors, boardroom doors and doors between reception areas and open office areas.

All types of door furniture including locks, architectural door handles, automatic door closers and accessories can be built into these glazed doors. Aluminium glass doors are usually installed first on site, then the safety glass is measured and installed afterwards. The doors are available to suit a wide variety of applications including hinged, sliding, pivot and bi-fold configurations. The aluminium framing is available in different powder coat and anodised finishes.

There are two main types of aluminium framed glass doors:

Hinged Glass Doors: typically are full height aluminium framed doors, with clear anodised 45mm thick aluminium framing, three aluminium hinges, clear laminated safety glass, Schlegel seals, surface mounted door closer, mortice lock with lever handles and floor mounted door stop. Minimum door width is 920mm to comply with BCA requirements. These doors can be designed with aluminium mid rails for extra stability. The glass can be either clear or tinted to suit your requirements. Where soundproofing is required V Lam Hush Acoustic glass can be used for areas such as boardrooms and videoconferencing rooms.

Aluminium Framed Sliding Glass Doors: These doors can be an excellent solution to help save space, whilst offering an elegant and modern look. These glazed doors are perfect for creating entries to boardrooms, meeting rooms, hallways and reception areas. They can be manufactured for either single or double door situations, depending on your requirements. Aluminium framed sliding doors have a heavy duty industrial sliding head rail to support the door. Sliding doors generally are at least 920mm wide, but can be custom made to suit large openings up to 2400mm wide. We offer a wide range of sliding glass door furniture including flush pulls, architectural door handles, locks, floor mounted buffers and overhead rollers.

Frameless Toughened Glass Doors

A frameless glass office door can give the impression of a seamless glass partition, there is no aluminium framework required around the door, so it is a moving panel of safety glass fixed into place using specialist glass fittings. There are various types of door furniture and handles available, depending on the door usage, e.g. a standard frameless door will usually have lockable lever handles, allowing staff to open and close the door easily.

Alternatively for high traffic traffics areas with frameless glazed doors, we can use an automatic door closer. This enables staff to push and pull the glass door open without having to close the door behind them. Frameless doors are ideal for main office entry doors, and doors into boardrooms. The doors can be in either single or double formation.

Frameless toughened glazed doors also allow lots of natural light to pass into the office. The use of natural light can lessen the need for artificial light and can help reduce energy bills. Frosted privacy film and tinted glass are also available, allowing privacy for staff within an office, while maintaining the natural light, and can create a vibrant and modern look.

Toughened doors can also help create a better work environment for all staff, they can make a small office space look bigger, and they can be tailor made to suit the needs and aesthetics of your office.

There are two types of frameless doors:

Pivoted Frameless Glass Doors: These doors have pivots at the top and bottom of the door. The automatic closer is either in a floor spring that is cut into the concrete floor, or an overhead transom closer which is installed into an aluminium transom at the top of the door.

Hinged Frameless Glass Doors: These doors usually have toughened glass side panels on either side of the door. Hinge patch fittings are installed into the side panels, with lock patch fittings installed on the other side. Patch fittings come in either satin chrome or stainless steel finish, giving a sleek modern look.

Automatic Glass Doors

Automatic glass sliding doors provide easy, touchless access to your office, whether in office entry areas, doors between reception areas and open office areas, doors into boardrooms, automatic doors into meeting rooms and automatic hallway doors.
Automatic glass sliding doors can be customised to use motion sensors to automatically open and close when necessary. Alternatively they can they can be designed with an inbuilt card reader, so that they remain locked unless staff can use their key cards to gain access.

These doors can be designed to be touchless, and this can help stop the spread of germs within the office. Automatic doors also offer other benefits and they can make it easier for staff entering and exiting your office, especially those carrying packages or bags. They can also reduce the risk of staff being hit by closing hinged doors or having their hands caught between a door and its door jamb.

Automatic sliding office doors can be customised to include remote control access, touchless switch, keypad access control, automatic lock, and infrared sensors. They can also be customised to suit either single or double door configurations within the office.

  • Can be integrated into the existing building intercom system
  • Can be frameless glass door, or aluminium framed glass door
  • BCA. compliant fully electric drive resetting failsafe device which will open the door under power failure
  • A linear track roller system can be installed for smooth high-security tracking of the door
  • A security electronic motor lock can be installed
  • Standard failsafe battery power pack
  • A sensor can be installed with each door as a safety device in compliance with AS5007
  • Each door will have vision safety strips that comply with the Australian Safety Standard

Egress accessories for automatic doors can include:

  • Battery Back up for Each Door
  • External Key Switch
  • Internal Key Switch Mode Selector
  • External Activation Sensor
  • Internal Activation / Safety Sensor
  • Internal Push to Exit Egress Button
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) can be installed so that the door will operate if the main power supply is off
  • Remote controls can be supplied for each staff member
  • Read more about Access Control Systems for Doors on our Office Builders page.

The DY Constructions team employ experienced glass door tradesmen who can install new office glass doors or full height glass partitioning for your next office fitout. Our interior designer can design your workplace fit out with glazed doors and office partitions, that include the latest design trends, in modern colours customised to suit your fitout or refurbishment.

Call us on 1300 737 656 for advice, or to arrange a free quotation for your glass office doors project.

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