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We provide Facility Managers and Building Managers with all the facility services including refurbishments, make good and maintenance services, all with just one telephone call. We can design and construct and supply all the trades that you require in Sydney as part of a fit out, refurbishment, building maintenance, or minor works project.

These Are Some Of The Extensive Facility Services We Can Provide For Your Company:

  • Facility Management Services
  • Office Space Management
  • Integrated Facility Management
  • Facilities Planning
  • Building Facility Management
  • Facilities Maintenance Management
  • Design and Construct Specialists
  • Office Stripouts and Retrofits
  • Tenancy Make Goods
  • Office Building Refurbishments
  • Office Intertenancy Walls
  • Base Building Refurbs
  • Lobby and Amenities Upgrades
  • New Office Fit Outs
  • Repainting and Recarpeting
  • Office Partitions and Ceilings
  • Furniture and Workstation Fit Outs
  • Make Good Works
  • Council Approval Packages
  • Project Management
  • CBD & Business Park Specialists
  • All Trades Supplied
  • Office Maintenance
  • Fixed Price Projects
  • Insurance Repairs
  • On Time Completion
  • Sydney Wide Fit Out Service
  • Building Safety Upgrades
  • Subdivision of Floors
  • Complete Office Fit Out Specialists

Lobby Upgrades

Upgrading the entrance area can make the building more attractive, and easier to lease. Create a distinctive arrival area for staff and visitors. Install new lighting, new signage, upgrade waiting area, including shared amenities such as meeting rooms.

  • Design a New Modern Colour Scheme for the Lobby Area
  • Install New Tiled Flooring
  • Supply New Modern Lighting
  • Install new Suspended Ceilings 
  • Install Timber Cladding on Walls 
  • Read more about Refurbishment Services here.

Subdivision of Floors with Intertenacy Walls

Intertenancy walls can be ideal for subdividing large floors, and creating numerous small tenancies, making it easier for landlords to lease. 

These walls can be similar to acoustic walls, except they often go from slab to slab, or have baffles in the ceiling plenum. For higher security situations, steel mesh is fixed in the cavity of the wall, this can also be fixed in the section above the ceiling for  higher security. Doors in intertenancy walls can be soundproofed, usually double glazing on glass doors. 

  • New glass entrance doors for each tenancy. 
  • Separate electrical meters for each tenancy. 
  • Separate air conditioning thermostats for each tenancy. 
  • Separate light switches for each tenancy. 
  • Separate signage for each tenancy. 
  • Exit and emergency lighting for each tenancy. 
  • Install soundproofing for intertenancy walls.

Building Safety Upgrades

Upgrade and remodel offices to the latest safer ways of working, to comply with the latest government guidelines for Covid-19. Re-design the workplace so that it is safe for employees to return to work. 

We supply facility managers with appropriate signage throughout the building, including common areas, entrance foyers, lift lobbies, inside lifts and elevators, toilets and other shared amenities. 

  • Modify or adjust workstations and desks to maintain social distancing of 1.5m  between office workers. 
  • Install transparent perspex or glass barriers to separate workers and visitors, where social distancing is not an option.
  • Arrange seating-in reception areas, boardrooms, break-out areas and videoconferencing rooms, to maintain social distancing.
  • Install signage, tape marks, or other visual indicators such as decals on glass, or coloured tape on the floor, placed 1.5m  apart, to show where to stand when physical barriers are not possible.
  • Install Touchless entry doors. 
  • Install Perspex barriers for reception desks. 
  • Supply Entro Touch-free automatic closers for timber doors. 
  •  Install BioCote Door handles with ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION. 
  •  In-office kitchens Supply Zip Hydrotap Touch Free Wave instant hot water service. 
  • In toilets Provide touchless fixtures such as automatic toilet flushes, taps. air fresheners and electric hand dryers.

Install Safety Accessories for Your Building

Supply and install Covid-19 safety accessories throughout the building, to make the workplace safe for employees and visitors including:

  • Premium Clear Hygiene Sneeze Guards.
  • Desk Based Hygiene Screens – Clear Perspex.
  • Desk Mounted Privacy Screens.
  • Telescopic Adjustable Sign Stands.
  • Echo Panel Biscuit Dividers Screens for Workstations.
  • Chatter Hygiene Screen and Desk Dividers – clear for Workstations.
  • Biscuit Panel Dividers – Laminate for Workstations.
  • Biscuit Panel Dividers – Upholstered for Workstations.
  • A4 Hands Sanitiser Signs.
  • Value Desk Hygiene Dividers – Clear Perspex.
  • Value Screen Guards for Workstations.
  • Retractable Poles.
  • Dispenser Tables.
  • Extendable Sign Stands – Pallet Stand.
  • Social Distancing Floor Decals.
  • Table Sign Stands.
  • Foot Frame Signs.
  • Fixed Frame Sign Stands.
  • Sign In Display Stands 3 In 1.

We have successfully completed many projects in CBD Office Blocks, Business Parks, Industrial Facilities, Factories and Warehouses all over Sydney. If you are a Facility Manager or a Building Manager please call us on 1300 737 656 and we can help you with facility services for your office building.

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