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Are you relocating or leasing more office space? The process of moving your organisation from one office to another is a major project, and we can organise it all for you including a complete office fit-out at your new premises. From the start we work with you in a planned and organised procedure, making sure that your relocation comes off smoothly, within budget, and with minimal disruption to your office. Once you have made the decision to relocate or your lease is expiring, we manage your office relocation through all the stages. We plan, monitor and control your business relocation project on a stage-by-stage basis, which varies according to the needs of your project.

Our Office Relocation Process

DY Constructions Australia has an established process to ensure your office relocation requirements are met during the office move, stage, and that your project is completed on time and within budget. We will undertake a vast amount of organisation, personal attention, expert management and an exact timetable to facilitate your move. As your relocation consultants, we will be able to give you peace of mind, as we organise your business relocation with an efficient plan that meets your objectives. Ideally, you want your staff to leave the office on Friday and arrive on Monday morning, ready to begin work as usual at your new office – with all the phones and computers connected and ready for use.

It’s important to plan an office relocation and fit-out project well in advance of the actual move, as usually there are many tasks that need to be done before the actual relocation including, negotiations with both the existing landlord and the new landlord, the design and documentation of the fit-out at the new premises, council approval for the new building works, and the landlord approval process for the new works as per the tenancy fit-out guidelines. Once the fit-out of the new office is completed, and an occupation certificate is gained for the new premises, than the relocation of staff to the new premises can be organised. We relocate office equipment items such as Server/IT racks, Office chairs, Meeting tables, Desks, Credenzas, Stationery cupboards, Kitchen tables, filing cabinets, Whiteboards, Computers, monitors, keyboards, storage cupboards, compactus units, and all other office furniture items.

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Our Office Relocation Services

As part of an office fit-out and relocation project, our team supply all relocation services incl., Furniture & Fittings Relocations, Relocation of Workstations, Office Move Management, Relocating Commercial Premises, Industrial Relocations, Commercial Rubbish Removals, Corporate Office Relocations, Office Furniture Removalists, Business Relocations, Warehouse Relocations, Office Removalists, Workplace Movers, Relocating Office Equipment, Commercial Office Movers, Factory Relocations, Complete Office Relocation Specialists

Relocations including the Fit-out of your New Office

Many of our clients who are relocating and leasing more space, find it convenient for them to get one company to look after all the trades associated with the relocation project, including the design and Fit-out of the new office, relocation from the existing office to the new premises, and strip-out and make good of the existing office.

We can supply all interior fit-out trades that may be required at the new premises including repainting, re-carpeting, internal alterations to existing layouts, Repairs to existing Walls and Ceilings, New Office Partitioning, Custom Made Joinery, New Commercial Workstations, Supply of New Office Furniture, Electrical and data, and all essential services for the project. Read more on our Office Fit-outs page

Planning for your Office Relocation.

  • We sit down with you, and go through the new positions of all items that are being relocated. We also discuss the procedures and timing for staff to pack and unpack their own boxes, and put staff names on boxes. These boxes will be provided by us generally some days before the actual move.
  • Initial briefing with your managers to discuss timing issues, packing material delivery, and to create a Relocation Plan for the project.
  • We visit your existing office and document all existing items to be relocated including workstations, furniture, printers, cabinets, chairs and any other items that can be relocated to new office. Also document all existing storage units, including filing cabinets, pedestals, compacts units, and shelving. Detailed measurements are taken of all items, so that they can be accurately incorporated into the plans for the new office. All items are numbered and listed on the existing layout plan, the new positions of each item are then listed on new layout plan, so no items can be lost.
  • Desks to be relocated to have the same numbers on both plans for old and new premises eg. D1, D2, D3 etc.
  • For large relocation projects, an Electronic Tracking System can be used, to make sure everything will be at the new premises when you move in.
  • We can coordinate the relocation of items that are leased such as drinks machines, large photocopiers, hired plants etc.
  • We have experienced removalists who will ensure there is with no damage to any items.

One Week Before the Relocation.

  • We usually supply the following items for the move, plastic boxes which are stackable and have lids, moving dollies with castor wheels, sticky labels, zip ties, permanent markers, etc.
  • We recommend a general employee meeting to discuss details of the relocation, so that staff can prepare themselves and can plan their relocation tasks.
  • All items will be numbered, so nothing goes missing.
  • Two days before the move staff complete the filling of all boxes for the relocation. All contents of cupboards, pedestals, filing cabinets and staff personal belongings will be placed in boxes.
  • All boxes will have the name of the staff member, or room name e.g…, kitchen, server room, storeroom etc.

On the weekend of your Office Relocation.

  • Most relocations take place on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday basis with the new premises being ready for the office workers on Monday morning.
  • On the weekend of the move, we have one team that handles all of the relocation tasks, and if required the installation of items at the new premises.
  • Our removalists are given plans of the existing premises, and also plans of the new office, so everything will be in the correct position.
  • Generally we Allow for electrical disconnection of workstations at the old premises, and reconnection at the new office.
  • Our project manager will coordinate with your IT manager on site at the new premises to connect printers, computers and other electronic machines.
  • We Supply and install protective materials to floors, walls and lifts where required.
  • We relocate the Server room including disconnect, and reconnect, at the new office.
  • We Allow for the setup of each individual desk at the new premises including computer and monitor placement, desk phone placement, desktop printers and mobile pedestals.
  • As part of a typical office relocation project we usually allow for removal of all furniture and office equipment items using trolleys. We Include for transportation to the new premises and loading and unloading using lifts. Furniture items will be adequately protected while being transported down the elevators and in the back of the furniture removal truck.

After you move in to your New Office.

  • For the new premises we have a team of tradesmen who can install all relocated fixtures and fittings such as workstations, cupboards, Office Breakout Area Joinery, Built in Joinery, Shelving, Benches, Reception Desks & Counters, laboratory cabinets, factory joinery, pinboards, pedestals, boardroom tables, built in furniture, whiteboards, projection screens, Compactus units, and cubicle screens.
  • After staff have finished the unpacking of personal boxes at the new premises, we come back to remove the empty boxes.

Stripout & Makegood at your Old Office

  • After you move out, you may be required to carry out a make good at your old office, if so we can help with all strip-out and make good works including,
  • Remove all rubbish and leftover equipment from vacated premises, including old furniture, workstations and computer equipment.
  • Dismantle and remove all office partitions, fixtures, and joinery.
  • Disconnect and remove all redundant power, data, and lighting.
  • Dismantle & Remove tenant installed fixtures and fittings.
  • Make good to carpet, ceilings, and essential services.
  • Repair interior damage to fixtures and fittings.
  • Repaint all interior walls and doors.
  • Follow the make good requirements in the tenancy Fit-out guidelines for the building.
  • Carry out retrofit works according to the lease clause requirements.
  • Full detailed clean of office on completion.
  • Complete and handover within the office lease timeframe.

Quality Control at end of the Project

Quality Control: After each relocation a detailed quality control checklist will be completed and inspected by our Project Manager to ensure the highest standards, we check that every item is in the correct position at new premises. At end of removal, we walk through with you at both premises to make sure you are happy with everything.

We help clients across a wide range of industries in Sydney relocate, Fit-out and build their office workplaces. Able to professionally handle every part of the office interior Fit-out process – whatever its scope – DY Constructions Australia offers a one-stop office build solution, that will save you time and money.

Call us today on 1300 737 656 to discuss your office relocation and office Fit-out needs.

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