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Council Approval for Your Fitout

We can organise the council approval that may be required for your fit out or refurbishment project. Usually one of the first steps we undertake, is to get the approval of your landlord or building manager. If you are in a strata building we can manage the approval process with the strata manager, or body corporate. As appropriate we engage Town Planners or a PCA (Private Certifier) as may be required for your project. Approval through a CDC private certifier is the most common form of council approval for office fitouts.

Building Approval and Certification

The building approvals and certification process can often be confusing and frustrating, as everything needs to be compliant to gain approval. During the design and approvals process, and the construction phase we can provide a comprehensive building compliance service, that will ensure the fitout being designed and constructed meets all Building Code of Australia (BCA), National Construction Code (NCC), Australia Standards (AS), and other regulatory requirements, and is therefore suitable for occupation and use when finished.
DY Constructions Australia has the expertise to help you through the certification process. Our professional team of interior designers and project managers liaise between the various consultants to find the best solution to certification and egress issues, to obtain building approval for your fitout or refurbishment project.
Our team have many years’ experience in office fitout and refurbishment projects, and stay up to date with the latest changes to the BCA (Building Code of Australia) and Australian Standards (AS), to prevent delays in the building approval process. We strive to provide a smooth and fast process through to completion of your fitout or refurbishment project.
With many older buildings, access compliance, and fire protection can often be major issues when the client wants to do a refurbishment, and needs CDC approval or DA approval for compliance. We have helped clients on many projects where there were issues with access compliance, and also fire protection compliance.

We Select the Best Consultants for Council Approval on Your Project

As part of our complete project management service, we select the most suitable consultants for your project based on the following requirements:

  • Relevant experience on similar council approval projects like yours
  • Demonstrated understanding of your project’s requirements
  • Expertise in designing/certifying similar projects
  • Past experience of designing fitout works in a live office environment
  • Demonstrated understanding of the specific site conditions
  • Ability to design the works to be done in stages as may be required
  • Read more about how we select the best team for your Project.

List of Our Consultants for Council Approval

Knowing which consultants to engage for particular specialties is an important part of the compliance process. These are some of the consultants that we engage to help with the certification of your project.
  • Private certifiers – Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)
  • Town planners
  • Access consultants
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Land surveyors
  • Heritage consultants
  • BCA compliance consultants
  • Environmentally sustainable design consultants (ESD)
  • Building services engineers
  • Fire protection consultants
  • Mechanical consultants
  • Electrical consultants
  • Hydraulic consultants
  • Structural engineers

We get all the Permits for your Project including Council Approval

We organise all the appropriate approvals that may be required for your project. Usually, one of the first first steps we undertake, is to get the approval of your landlord or building manager. If you are in a strata building we can manage the approval process with the strata manager, or body corporate. As appropriate we engage Town Planners or PCA (Private Certifiers) as may be required for your project. These permits and approvals can include:
  • DA (Development Application)
  • CC (Construction Certificate)
  • CDC (Complying Development Certificate)
  • OC (Occupation Certificate)
  • These permits will ensure your project meets all the BCA (Building Code of Australia) and Australia Standards requirements

Difference Between a CDC and a DA

Typically, with an office fit out or refurbishment, you will either need a DA (Development Application) or CDC (Complying Development Certificate). These approvals will ensure your project  meets all local council and Australian standards requirements. 
Some of the reasons a DA may be required are typically when, it is a change of use, you are making changes to the outside of the building, a subdivision, or if it is a heritage-listed building. Note that some  buildings are heritage listed on the outside only, which means that CDC approval may be sufficient for internal fit-out works, but  a letter from a heritage architect will be required. 
A DA Is issued by the local council, and once approved a CC (Construction Certificate) is  required before on site works can commence on your project. A DA is a very involved process, and often takes a matter of months before it is issued by council. 

A CDC is generally required when there are no changes to the building use, e.g. if your space was last used as a commercial office, and you also need the space for office use. A CDC is issued by a private certifier and means that the project will comply with all regulations. A CDC is a much faster process than DA approval, and can often be gained within a matter of weeks, provided all appropriate drawings and documentation have been completed . 
At the end of the project an OC (Occupational Certificate) can be applied for, this can be issued by a private certifier, and confirms the fit-out or refurbishment works comply with all the requirements of the CC or CDC. 

Note: All of the above is meant to be general information only and does not constitute specific planning or legal advice. Therefore, you should obtain your own specific planning advice before starting your fitout or refurbishment project. DY Constructions Australia accepts no responsibility or liability for anything done as a result of relying on any part of this document. the CC or CDC.


NSW Building Practitioner Class 2 Building Registration

DY Constructions Australia Pty Ltd holds Building Practitioner Registration No: BUP0000532
This registration is for building practitioners who want to prepare documents and make declarations related to building work on a class 2 building, or a building with a class 2 part. This role is responsible for making building compliance declarations, to declare that building work will be constructed in accordance with compliant designs, and in compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Registered building practitioners are also responsible for lodging documents in the NSW Planning Portal.

If you have an upcoming fit out or refurbishment project, and you need help with the council approval process, just call us on 1300 737 656  or email admin@dyconstructions.com.au and we will organise for one of our experienced project managers to visit you at your office, for a complimentary discussion for DA approval or CDC approval for an office fitout.

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