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Suspended Ceilings are a part of the complete office design and fit out services that we offer our clients, we also supply all other trades that may be required as part of a ceiling project. Our interior designer can design your workplace with suspended ceiling solutions, that include the latest design trends, in modern colours customised to suit your fit-out or refurbishment. Your office will be fitted out with ceilings and all associated interior building works to suit your budget, delivered on time, and to the quality you expect. We can manage your interior project from concept to completion, from the initial design, supply and installation of all ceiling items, and supply of all fit out trades, such as ceiling bulkheads, partitioning, electrical power and data, painting, carpeting, signage, fire protection and air conditioning.

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Popular Types of Suspended Ceilings

When designing new commercial premises, or planning a commercial refurbishment for your office, choosing the best and most appropriate suspended ceiling is an important part of the project. It is an important decision as it can affect the overall interior design, the lighting and air conditioning, the ease of maintenance for essential services, the look of the office and the overall aesthetics of the interiors. Here are some of the most popular types of commercial ceilings for offices.

Suspended Grid Ceilings

Suspended grid ceilings or drop ceilings are the most widely used ceiling system for commercial office buildings. Suspended ceilings are ceilings that are suspended from the roof, or concrete slab overhead. The ceiling are suspended using steel suspension rods, the suspension drop varies from approximately 300mm to 900mm. These ceilings are easy to customise to suit the space, and great for large spaces, such as offices, showrooms, and warehouses. Suspended grid ceilings are a lightweight and cost-effective ceiling option for any commercial building.

The plenum space overhead can be used for essential services cabling and ductwork including air conditioning, fire protection, electrical and data cabling, and plumbing pipes. If any maintainance of the essential services is required, it is easy, as the ceiling tiles can be temporarily removed during maintenance.

There are many different types of ceiling tiles available including mineral fibre ceiling tiles, and plasterboard ceiling tiles, the most popular colours are white or off white. The most popular sizes for ceiling tiles are 1200mm x 600mm or 600mm x 600mm, but custom sizes are also available. The most popular grid systems for suspended ceilings are steel, and aluminium. These ceilings also are good for noise reduction as acoustic insulation can be installed over the ceiling, as it is being installed. For ceilings under roofs, thermal insulation can be installed, this helps reduce heat gains in summer, and winter heat losses, and can reduce your energy bills significantly.

Set Plasterboard Ceilings (Gyprock)

Plasterboard ceilings are often used where maintenance of essential services is rarely required. Space is provided within the plenum for essential services ductwork and cabling. Manholes can be installed in the ceiling for maintenance, usually either 450mm x 450mm or 600mm x 600mm.

Gyprock plasterboard is screwed to a metal framework of furring channels suspended from the roof or floor above. The gyprock plasterboard is then finished with plaster or taping and jointing, then painted for a smooth, seamless finish. With good acoustic properties when insulation is installed overhead, and options to resist fire and moisture, there is a solution to suit most commercial premises. Set plasterboard ceilings are also great for creating curved, sloped or vaulted ceilings.

We can also install perforated ceilings including CSR Rigitone, and CSRGyptone.

Stages of Installing Plasterboard Ceilings

  • Bulkheads: These can be installed to cover items such as exposed beams, ductwork or cabling, they are framed in steel studs, and then sheeted with plasterboard.
  • Finish against Perimeter Walls: Generally Wall angle is first fixed to perimeter walls and columns, to secure the ceiling against the perimeter walls.
  • Steel Framing: this consists of steel furring channels and top cross rails that create a grid that evenly distributes the weight of the ceiling across the room.
  • Suspension System: Most common forms are steel suspension rods fixed to the roof or concrete floor above.
  • Type of Plasterboard Sheeting: after the grid work is complete, the plasterboard is fixed to the furring channels, either standard plasterboard, acoustic plasterboard, wet area plasterboard, or fire-rated plasterboard.
  • Plastering: The plasterer then plasters the joints and screw holes, to achieve the smooth seamless finish that is required for painting.
  • Painting Works: Finally after all the other trades have finished, the ceiling is painted usually in white colour to suit the interior design of the office. Read more on our Office Painting page

Ceiling Brands We Supply and Install

DY Constructions Australia supply and install an extensive range of steel and aluminium grid systems available in Australia, for example Fricker, Peakform, Donn, Rondo Duo, Armstrong, Gyprock, CSR, Troldtekt, Rockfon, Daiken, USG Boral, Knauf, OWA, AMF, Durlum, Ecophon, Martini, Woven Image, and Autex.

We can also match your existing ceiling tiles and existing grid systems. We supply and install complete grid system solutions for new office fit outs, office make goods, building refurbishments and new office building construction. We also do ceiling maintenance works, including removal of old ceiling tiles, and supply and installation of new modern ceiling tiles.

Suspended Ceiling Accessories

We also supply and install a vast range of accessories for ceilings, including Access Panels, Acoustic and Fire Rated access panels, ceiling grills, skylights, commercial Insulation products, including Glasswool, Wavebar, Rockwool, Acoustic Polyester and Thermal Polyester.

Selection of Ceiling Tiles

This is a small selection of many types of mineral fiber acoustic ceiling tiles that we supply and install for our customers.

If you are fitting out your new office with suspended ceilings, or refurbishing your existing ceilings, we can help you design your workplace, and supply, deliver and install all the fixtures and fittings that you require. Please call us on today on 1300 737 656

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