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At DY Constructions Australia we undertake all types of office refurbishments and renovations within the Greater Sydney Area and we can handle your project from concept through to completion. We also handle all the authority approvals, including building management approval and council approval. Our project management team in Sydney are experienced in refurbishments and renovations of occupied offices. We can complete your office refurb in stages to minimise the impact to your staff. If required noisy and dusty work can be undertaken outside of normal business hours.

Every office refurbishment is customised to suit your needs. Some refurbs are very involved with many trades, while others are more cosmetic, involving just re painting and re carpeting. That’s why our office refurb teams typically bring together resources from both our design and refurbishment departments, to ensure you get the best service during your project.

DY Constructions is a specialist office refurbishment company, and we can assist with all your office renovation needs.

  • Corporate Office Refurbishment
  • Office Boardroom and Receptions Refurbishments
  • Showroom Refurbishment and Renovation
  • Office Stripouts and Retrofits
  • Base Building Refurbishment & Renovation
  • Commercial Refurbishment and Renovation
  • Healthcare and Laboratory Refurbs
  • Education and Childcare Refurbs
  • Retail and Shop Refurbishment
  • Industrial Office Renovations
  • Office Refurbs
  • Commercial Office Refurbishment
  • Business Park Refurbishments
  • Design and Construct Service
  • Refurbishment and Renovation of Amenities
  • Office Churn and Alterations
  • Office Makeovers and Re-Fits
  • Refurbishment and Renovation of Medical Centres
  • Office Workplace Refurbishments
  • Office Maintenance and Repairs
  • Office Building Refurbishment
  • CBD Area Office Refurbishments
  • Mezzanine Floor Refurbishments
  • Toilet and Amenities Refurbs
  • Office Lobby Refurbishment
  • Fitout Project Management
  • Complete Refurbishment Service

When You May Need Your Office Renovated

These are some of the occasions when you may need refurbishment services for your office.

  • You are thinking of rearranging the layout of your office space.
  • Your lease is due to expire and you are not sure whether to remain or relocate.
  • You are running out of space in your existing office.
  • You believe the office layout that you currently have could be improved.
  • You are thinking of sub-leasing some of your spare office space.
  • The lighting in your office could be improved in order to create a more productive working environment.
  • The office furniture that you have is not fully ergonomic.
  • The working environment in your office could be improved to create better staff morale and increased staff productivity.
  • The energy efficiency in your office could be improved.
  • We offer a free consultation at your premises that will show you how improvements can be made in many areas of your office.

Our Refurbishments Are Customised to Suit Your Needs

This is how we customise our office refurbishment services to suit the individual requirements of your company and the office space that you occupy.

  • An experienced Designer/Projects Manager will visit you at your premises to discuss your refurbishment requirements.
  • Various options will be discussed, and the designer will recommend the best design to suit your space and your needs.
  • Our designer will create a concept floor plan, that will show you how the refurbishment will suit your needs. Read more about Office Layouts.
  • A detailed proposal will be put together for you, showing the specifications of the project, the quantities, and a fixed price costing for each individual trade.
  • We create a sample board of finishes that will show you all the colours and finishes for your refurb.
  • As appropriate council approval can be arranged for your refurb.
  • Before going ahead with your refurb, changes and revisions can be made so you are sure the proposal meets all your needs.
  • We will start your refurbishment on the date that is suitable for you, and the duration of the project will be agreed.
  • During the project, you will be constantly updated on the progress of your refurbishment, and regular site meetings will be arranged so that any minor adjustments can be arranged.
  • Before the project is finished, a quality control process will be completed, to make sure everything is to your requirements.
  • On the last day of your refurb, the project manager will inspect the site with you to make sure you are happy with every aspect of your office refurbishment.
  • Our after-sales service includes quality control procedures that are completed six weeks and six months after your project is finished.

Renovations While Your Office is Occupied

We are the live environment specialists, and have successfully completed many refurbishments in occupied workplaces. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs during the construction phase of the works.

  • We plan ahead to minimise any disruption caused by the refurbishment works, such as noise and dust.
  • We have a meeting with you and your management, to discuss how your staff can continue to work as normal during the renovations.
  • We meet with your IT manager/specialist to discuss how to coordinate the works involving IT.
  • We then prepare a construction program for your refurbishment, showing all critical dates.
  • We ensure all essential services such as air-conditioning, fire protection, electrical and data services are operational during the renovation works.
  • For larger projects, we can install sound-reducing hoardings between the works area and your operational office space.
  • If required noisy refurb works can be performed outside normal office hours.

We Can Complete Your Refurbishment in Stages

Many refurbishment projects are undertaken while the building is occupied, and the works are done in stages so that the occupants of the building are not inconvenienced.

  • We do this by temporarily relocating staff to boardrooms, meeting rooms, interview rooms, etc while the works are being performed.
  • If your project is large, we usually perform the works in two or more stages, so that your office staff can work as normal.
  • When a stage is finished, we then relocate all your workstations, furniture and equipment.

We Protect Your Office Equipment During The Renovation

DY Constructions Australia are committed to maintaining customer satisfaction in every aspect of your project. We will supply and install
temporary containment barriers between the different areas of your refurbishment. The benefits of the barriers are:

  • They protect your desks and computers from dust penetration.
  • The temporary containment barrier has adjustable floor-to-ceiling aluminium posts, and heavy-duty commercial grade plastic to enclose the area that is being renovated to prevent dust penetration.
  • The barriers create a complete dust seal in your office, without the need for tape or fixings, eliminating damage to your surrounding walls and ceilings.
  • The barriers have a doorway for access, and Tight-Seal and Side-Seal rails top and sides. The self-adhesive zipper provides a dust-sealed entry/exit point that is not only functional but is very impressive with a clean, smart image.
  • They contain any dust and debris inside the renovation zone and save clean-up time and expense.
  • In summary, the barriers create a refurbishment zone in part of your premises, whilst allowing the rest of your office floor to maintain normal business operations.

Why Use Us For Your Refurbishment

We have the expertise and experience to ensure your office refurb works will be completed on time, within budget and to the level of quality that you expect.

  • Our team is highly professional and committed to the highest standards.
  • We will inspect your site and identify your requirements, and develop an appropriate solution for your refurbishment needs.
  • We offer an organisation with a proven track record in performance and capability in office refurbishments.
  • We have the correct planning, resources, experienced personnel and quality control – to achieve the refurbishment that you require.

If you’re looking at upgrading or refurbishing your office space in Sydney, call us and we will send one of our experienced project managers to visit you and provide you a proposal that will cover all aspects of your office refurbishment. The renovation of your office is easy when you leave it to us, as we are a specialist office renovation company.

Call us today on 1300 737 656 to discuss your office renovation or office refurbishment needs.

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