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Hospitality Fitouts and Hospitality Refurbishments

We undertake all types of Hospitality Fitouts. We can work alongside your architect or designer to build any type of hospitality fit out. We are experienced in a various array of projects within the hospitality industry and can service your needs from concept to completion.

Hospitality fit out projects involve intricate details, including custom joinery, stainless steel, specialised equipment, and high-end finishes. We effectively manage all of the individual trades and ensure a high-quality project. We are also capable of renovating or refurbishing your existing hospitality venue.

We aspire to build and construct a hospitality project that will inspire your customers.

DY Constructions Australia has the skill and experience to take your hospitality project through to completion, including interior design, council approval, certification, construction, and handover.

  • Restaurant Fit Outs
  • Hospitality Refurbishments
  • Coffee Shop Fit Outs
  • Food Court Refurbishments
  • High End Joinery Finishes
  • Commercial Cool Rooms
  • Pub Refurbishments
  • Bed and Breakfast Fitouts
  • Brasserie Refits
  • Clubhouse Fitouts
  • Catering Refurbishments
  • Nightclub Fit Outs
  • Bar Refurbishments
  • Cafe and Bistro Refits
  • Commercial Kitchen Fit Outs
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Taverns and Beer Gardens
  • Interstate or National Rollouts
  • Leagues Clubs and Community Clubs
  • Sports Bars and Gaming Bars
  • Distillery Fit Outs
  • Wine Bars and Taverns
  • QSR and Drive-Thru
  • Franchised Businesses
  • Resorts and Holiday Apartments
  • Take Away Retail Outlets
  • Renovations for Airbnb Real Estate

Hospitality Design That Attracts New Customers

We create contemporary, functional and practical designs, all customised to suit your needs. From high-end restaurant design to casual cafe or bistro dining, all our designs will consider the best use of your space in relation to your customer’s needs.

  • We Optimise The Design To Suit Your Customers:
    Our interior designers understand that by optimising the interior space of the cafe or restaurant for new and existing customers and staff, retail and hospitality businesses can improve their profitability and will be successful in the long term. From the time your customers walk through your door to when they leave, we design the interior layout of your business to increase customer flow and establish a relaxed and comfortable environment for everyone.
  • We Design To Attract New Customers For Your Business:
    Great interior design for hospitality refurbishments is not just about the looks of the commercial fit outs; it’s also about the customer’s first impressions of the space. Our interior designers create beautiful hospitality spaces that will attract new customers for your business who may be passing by and make them feel at home. The look, feel, and ambience of the design will make for an excellent experience for customers so that they will come back many times to your business.
  • Designs To Make Your Customers Feel Comfortable:
    Our designers create great hospitality layouts, which can encourage customers to spend more time at your bar, cafe or restaurant. When customers first come to your venue, they form an immediate impression. The interior design, colour scheme, ambience, lighting and feel of the venue form that impression.
  • Designs Customised To Suit Your Café, Bar or Restaurant:
    Every hospitality business is unique, so we create modern interior designs that are customised to suit your business and your brand.
    Our designers will work with you to design a aesthetically appealing and functional look so you can attract more customers to your business.
  • We Select The Best Hospitality Colour Schemes For Your Venue:
    When you have a great interior layout and appropriate colours, everything the customer sees in your business plays an important role in boosting their dining experience. The colours in your café, bar, or restaurant can affect your customers’ need for food and drinks, so our designers have selected colour schemes to create the desired atmosphere for your space. The correct interior colour scheme can make your customers feel comfortable, improve their dining experience, and encourage them to come back again.
  • Hospitality Space Planning
    We understand that encouraging new customers to select your hospitality venue is an important part of the design. We also recognise that creating a modern, stylish café, restaurant, or bar can entice new customers to select your premises for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and parties. Designs to encourage return visits by your customers will be an important part of the design process.
  • Hospitality Design and Documentation.
    Once you approve our design and documentation proposal, we will start the design process and make concept layouts that suit your business needs and space requirements. If required, we will provide 3D designs to help you better visualise the interiors. We will also create customised finish schedules, mood boards, specifications, detailed drawings, and the required documentation necessary for construction.

Hospitality Branding and Signage

A great customer experience and a unique identity for your hospitality business through signage and branding can increase your customer loyalty and improve your business’s standing in the community. Your leisure industry branding and signage must be appropriate to attract customers to return to your premises continually. We design signage that will inspire customers to enter your premises and encourage them to explore your offerings and feel comfortable enough to stay and make purchases. 

Your hospitality customers should be able to recognise your brand’s signage immediately; our interior designers will work with you to create a successful branding identity that is reflected throughout your restaurant, cafe, bar or nightclub. We specify modern branding systems like digital signage, where share-ability, customer reviews, and appropriate photos can help to promote your hospitality business and help with customer retention. 

We can work with your existing brand or design new branding to suit your business if required. Good signage will reinforce your brand’s identity, making your cafe, bar, or restaurant stand out from others in the street or shopping mall. We will make sure your hospitality signage will be displayed clearly in every part of your premises, as well as appropriate outdoor signage.

Hospitality Refit Works Completed at Night

We carefully plan the construction so that you can use your cafe or restaurant space as usual while the fit out project is going on. We have completed many refits in occupied businesses; some were done in stages so the company could operate normally.

  • We have meetings with you to discuss how your premises can continue to operate as usual during the refit works.
  • We plan your refit to minimise any disruption to your business caused by the refit works.
  • We ensure your refit is completed in the quickest time possible.
  • We then prepare a hospitality construction program for your refit.
  • We ensure all your services, such as refrigeration, air-con, fire protection, electrical, and data, work as usual during the refit works.
  • We will make sure your venue is always locked and secure during the refit works.
  • Our fit-out tradespeople often operate at night to ensure the project is finished on time to suit your schedule.
  • For bigger refit works, we can install floor-to-ceiling hoardings between the refit works area and the area where your business is open.

Hospitality Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment (FF&E) Installation

We understand the need for durable fixtures and fittings within hospitality venues that can endure the constant usage by customers and staff on a daily basis. Therefore, our designers specify only hard-wearing and durable furniture and equipment items that will last. Our interior designers can design a seating plan to make sure you can fit in the optimum number of customers in your space. The Furniture design will include chairs, tables, upholstery and other furniture items for customer comfort and visual appeal. Our interior designers will specify the best colours, artwork and fittings for your hospitality premises and select equipment best suited to your needs, including:

  • Commercial Hospitality Furniture
  • POS (Point Of Sales) Systems
  • Music and Projector Systems
  • Indoor and Outdoor Heating
  • CCTV and Security Systems
  • Hospitality Water Features
  • Custom Designed Wine Cellars
  • Commercial Kitchen Fittings
  • Wine Dispensing Machines
  • Restaurant Seafood Tanks
  • Sushi Conveyor Installations
  • Safety Tools, First Aid, & Fire Prevention
  • Hospitality Rugs, Plants, Art & Paintings
  • Outdoor Restaurant & Bar Furniture
  • Refrigeration, Aircon, & Heating
  • Hospitality Staging Systems
  • Hospitality Custom Joinery
  • Bar & Restaurant Lighting
  • Kitchen & Catering Equipment Installation
  • Custom Joinery for Seating & Dining
  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage
  • Hospitality Seating Booths
  • Bar Equipment Supply and Installation
  • Ovens/Ranges/Microwaves
  • Prep Counters and Chopping Boards
  • Beer & Soft Drink Dispensing Systems

Feel free to send us any sketches, concepts, diagrams or drawings that you may already have for your Hospitality Fitout project, and our experienced fit-out team. We are able to work with an existing design or we have an in-house interior design team that can design your project.

Call us today on 1300 737 656 to discuss your Hospitality Fit Out project. We are the hospitality construction and fitout experts.

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