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Office Workstations

Whether you are fitting out your new office in Sydney, or refurbishing your existing office, we can supply and install the workstations, desks and other office fixtures & fittings that are most suitable for you. We have a huge range available to suit your needs. If you have existing cubicles, we can supply you with new ones very similar to your existing cubicles.

We offer our clients great looking office cubicle packages, custom designed to suit individual requirements. With a comprehensive range of commercial office workstations, screen dividers, desks and chairs we can happily organise the supply and install of all your workstation needs. With our fully comprehensive workstation solutions, you will be left with an ideal office that looks fantastic, and will boost the productivity of your office employees.

  • Office Workstation Desks
  • 3 Person Office Pods
  • Corner Office Workstations
  • Large Office Workstations
  • Office Workstation Table Design
  • Cubicle Office Workspaces
  • Ergonomic Office Workstations
  • Height Adjustable Cubicle Desks
  • Supply and Install New Workstations
  • Sydney Office Workstations
  • Office Workstation Systems
  • Economical Office Workstations
  • Bench Style Workstations
  • Office Workplace Chairs
  • New Workstations to Match Existing
  • Reconfigure Existing Workplaces
  • Office Cubicle Space Planning
  • Complete Office Workstation Service
  • Joinery and Built in Cupboards
  • Reception Desks and Counters
  • Office Storage and Cabinets
  • Alterations to Existing Workstations
  • All Trades Supplied
  • Sydney-Wide Installation Service

We Supply and Install All Types of Office Workstations

We supply and install a full range of modern office workstations including 2 person desks with dividers, 4 person pods, 6 person clusters, 8 person cubicles, 120 degree workstations, office cubicles, office pods, workspaces with fabric screens, call centre work booths, open plan work stations, adjustable height desks, workstations with privacy screens, covid-19 safety work stations, workstations with glass screens, office clusters with plasterboard screens, cubicles with acoustic screens, custom timber veneer workstations, corner workstations and work stations with low height screens.

Electric Sit Stand Workstations

A sit-stand workstation desk is an adjustable desk that can be modified to accommodate both sitting and standing. When the office worker wants to work in a seated position, the desk can be placed at the lower setting, and it can also be raised upwards when the user wants to work whilst standing. Sit stand desks are very easy to adjust thanks to modern designs that assist with changing the desk height.
DY Constructions Australia are committed to maintaining customer satisfaction in every aspect of your project including the comfort and productivity for our client’s and their business. Current research describes the benefits of standing regularly throughout the day, and with this easy to use electronic system, you can incorporate this ergonomic practice into your work life whilst maintaining maximum productivity. Standing desks are becoming an increasingly popular workstation in Australian offices. There are many modern office designs that have completely replaced older style office desks with modern sit-stand workstations. These offer a range of ergonomic and health benefits to staff including:

  • Electric sit-stand desks may help prevent back pain.
  • Standing desks can increase energy and improve your mood.
  • Lessens the risk to office staff of obesity and weight gain.
  • An electric sit stand desk may lower blood sugar levels.
  • A sit stand desk may lower the risk of heart disease for office staff.
  • Sit stand desks are an ideal solution for staff who need to alternate between sitting and standing while working in the office environment.

Accessories for Office Workstations

We also supply all types of accessories incl laminate screen panels, metal perforated screens, fabric screen panels, biscuit panels, screen pen holders, storage shelf’s, mobile pedestals, open shelves, screen mounted hampers, softwiring, under desk power kits, quad power and data outlets, USBs chargers, single and double monitor arms for computers, and laptop arms.

Our workstation installations team are also experienced in alterations and additions to existing workstation layouts, incl reconfiguring layouts to suit new requirements, and relocating existing workstations to new premises.

We are capable of conducting a wide range of office workstation and fit out projects for you in Sydney. Whether you simply need new office work stations, or whether you are seeking to relocate to a brand new office, DY Constructions Australia have the skills, experience and expertise to offer you a complete workspace solution for your office.

Our Custom Workstation Design Service

We offer a Custom Workstation Design Service for your office. Our designers can create a modern design layout of your space that allows every person to work better at their individual workstation. On the concept workstation drawing, you can see how everything fits together before you order, how your office will be optimised for functionality, comfort, and ergonomics.

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Office Workstation Configurations

Office Desk configuration - single desk

Single benchstyle workstation

Office Desk configuration - double desk

Twin benchstyle workstations

Office Desk configuration - triple desk

Triple benchstyle workstations

Office Desk configuration - 2 person bench style desk

2 person workstations

Office Desk configuration - 4 person bench style desk

4 person benchstyle workstations

Office Desk configuration - 6 person bench style desk

6 person benchstyle workstations

Office Desk configuration - singe corner US desk

Single corner workstation

Office Desk configuration - double corner US desk

Double corner workstations

Office Desk configuration - double corner US desk

Double 90° workstations

Office Desk configuration - 4 person corner US desk

4 person corner workstations

Office Desk configuration - triple 120 degrees

Triple 120° workstations

Office Desk configuration - 6 person 120 degrees

6 person 120° workstations

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