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Glass Office Partitions

DY Constructions Australia supply and install glass office partitions and associated works required in an office fit out and as we design and construct, we can take your office fit out project in Sydney from concept through to completion. 

Glazed partitioning can help to make your office space look bigger, and can create a feeling of openness and collaboration among office staff, making them an important part of the modern office. They can be covered with privacy film or window blinds/curtains for extra privacy. 

We supply quality office office partitioning systems using proven installation procedures developed from years of experience in the partitioning industry. These are some of the many types of office partitions that we can install for you:

  • Glazed Wall Partitions
  • Glass Office Partitions
  • Demountable Office Partitions 
  • Fabric Covered Office Partitions 
  • Office Cubicle Partitions 
  • Customwood Office Doors 
  • Aluminium Framed Glass Doors 
  • Toughened Glass Entry Doors 
  • Intertenancy Office Partitions 
  • New Glass Offices 
  • Operable Walls for Offices 
  • Soundrated Office Partitions 
  • Glass and Plasterboard Partitions
  • Fire Rated Office Partitioning 
  • Modern Frameless Glass Partitions
  • Half Glass Office Partitioning 
  • Glass Offices with Glass Doors 
  • Project Management 
  • Quality Control of Fit-out Trades 
  • Full Height Office Partitions
  • Office Partitioning Systems
  • Curved Glass Partitions
  • Segmented Glass Partitions
  • Bent Glass
  • Reeded Glass
  • One Way Mirror Glass
  • Tinted Glass Partitions

Office Partitions Design

Our interior designers can help you design and construct a modern workplace that fits your company’s specific needs. Whether that consists of just one new office, or numerous offices over a full floor, we’re ready to help your business work better and more efficiently. 

You may require new glass office partitioning for new rooms, a new office layout, maximising the office space, or refurbishing your existing workplace. Our team offer a complete commercial  interior design service, including preparation of detailed plans for the project, measuring up on site, taking all necessary details then design to suit the new layout and preparation of project specifications, including existing layout plan, partition plan, and egress plan.  All detailed plans will to be to scale and have dimensions. We generally allow two revisions of plans, customised to suit your individual needs. Our interior designer can select a new colour scheme for your office, or we can match your existing colours.

Full Height Glass Office Partitions

With glass partitioning, we can create a modern look for your business, that will address your specific workspace vision and requirements. Full height Glass office partitions divide office spaces and allow natural light to flow through your workplace.

Glass partitions and glass doors allow unlimited choices to make your interior space look spectacular. Glass doors are fitted with premium quality locks, handles, and door furniture. 

  • Partitions have laminated safety glass. 
  • Glass Partitions come with Safety Film/Strips. 
  • Transom & Mullion Features can be applied as an extra feature.
  • Aluminium colours come in either anodised or powdercoat finishes. 

Half Glass Office Partitions

Enclosed offices with half glass partitions at the front, can offer privacy for managers and senior staff. They are ideal for meeting rooms, boardrooms, and videoconferencing rooms. Half glass partitions can be used to separate workstations between different departments within a company. Electrical and data cabling can be concealed within the bottom plasterboard section of the partition. 

We can design the glass for different applications, such as frosting to add unique styles and designs to your office. Many clients choose to put their company logo on the glass, and then have their corporate colours painted onto the bottom section of the partition. 

  • Partitioning glass can be either Tinted or Clear. 
  • Cabling is concealed in the cavity of the partition. 
  • The bottom part of the partition can be painted to match your existing colours. 
  • Aluminium skirting on the partitioning can protect the wall like a kick panel. 
  • Partition glazing can also have Frosting or privacy film. 

Frameless Glass Office Partitions

Frameless glass partitions can create a contemporary look that adds value to your office space. Frameless partitioning can create an appearance of openness that makes your office look bigger. 

Frameless glass partitioning can also let a lot of natural light into your office. You can choose between either clear or tinted glass for your new frameless partitions. Full height frameless glass for office partitions is generally 12 mm toughened. These are some of the frameless glass partitions that we supply and install. 

  • Full height Frameless Glass Partitions
  • Glass Operable Walls
  • Automatic Frameless Glass Entries
  • Sliding or Hinged Frameless Glass Doors
  • Frameless Glass Partitions With Double or Single Glazing

Acoustic Glass Office Partitions 

Acoustic glass partitions are ideal for the soundproofing of boardrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, videoconferencing rooms and managers’ offices. Acoustic partitioning is the perfect solution for areas where conversations need to be confidential, such as client meetings and interview rooms. They are available in both single and double glazed and can be customised to suit your needs. We use V Lam Hush laminated glass for partitioning in areas where soundproofing is required. This glass has a specially developed interlayer to dampen noise, providing enhanced sound insulation performance.

  • Acoustic glass partitioning can reduce sound substantially in comparison to ordinary glass
  • Acoustic glass can be installed in front of your existing glass partitions, to create a double glazing effect
  • Acoustic glass can be installed in most types of glass doors

Privacy Film for Glass Partitions 

Privacy film is a self-adhesive material that can be applied to the glass in your office partitions and doors. 

  • There are many different types to choose from including frosted, mirrored, or patterned
  • Privacy film can provide visual privacy, whilst still allowing natural light to flow through your office
  • ”3m Haze” is one of the most popular privacy films for office interiors, and can also be used to style and modernise the look of your office space
  • The privacy film can be installed on full height glass partitions
  • The film is fixed to the middle area of the glass partitioning, to give privacy to the person in the office, while they are seated at their desk
  • As the privacy film does not cover the whole area of the glass it will allow some natural light to flow through the office
  • The Privacy film band is typically fixed from 600mm to 1800mm high from floor level, to give privacy to staff sitting at desks, workstations, and boardroom tables

Quick Installation of Partitions

As we have our own team of tradesmen, who are experienced with installing commercial glazed partitions, we can usually complete your project to suit your timeframe. Our project manager will handle everything for you, and ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to the level of quality that you expect. On completion of projects with glass partitions, we can supply a certificate to certify that all laminated glass complies with Australian Standards AS1288-2006.

Aluminium Framing for Glass Partitions

We use the slimline glazing suite for most of our glass office partitioning projects. This slimline glazing suite for office partitions is a strong and durable glazing system designed for seamless integration into any commercial office setting, regardless of the partition thickness. 

  • Designed with an adaptable frame, the aluminium suite can be installed at various stages of a partitioning project, including after the plasterboard partition completion. 
  • With defined lines, the glazing suite complements modern office interior designs, and provides a strong visual focus within any office space. 
  • The glazing suite is designed with a concealed centre fix position to simplify and streamline the glass partition framing installation process. 
  • The aluminium framing comes in a variety of colours to suit your office, including anodised and powdercoat finishes. 
Office Partition Selection Chart

We can customise the partitions to suit your requirements

Relocate Existing Glass Partitions

Sometimes your existing glass office partitions can be relocated on the same floor, to suit your new office layout. This allows you to reconfigure your space as required to create extra offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms and interview rooms. Glass office partitions can be reconfigured without requiring expensive structural changes. If additional safety glass and aluminium Is required, we can supply it, and match your existing colour scheme. Partition doors can often be reused in a different location provided they are a suitable width, to comply with BCA/NCC and Australian Standards requirements.

Council Approval for your Partitioning Project

We can organise all the approvals that may be required for your partitioning  project. Often the first stage is to get the approval of the  landlord for your building, or the managing agent. If it is a strata building we manage the approvals process with the body corporate. 

We engage a Private Certifier as may be required for your project for a CDC (Complying Development Certificates) and an OC (Occupation Certificate). These certificates will ensure your project meets all the BCA (Building Code of Australia) and Australia Standards (AS) requirements.

To find out more visit our Council Approvals page.

We help clients across a wide range of industries in Sydney to create, refurbish and reinvigorate their office workplaces. We are able to professionally handle every part of the office fit out process – whatever its scope. We can offer a ‘one stop office fit-out solution’ that will save you time and money.

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