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Office Stripout & Makegood Services

We are Office Stripout and Makegood Specialists, servicing the needs of Tenants and Landlords

If you are relocating, DY Constructions Australia Pty Ltd can retrofit your office to a ‘makegood’ standard in compliance with your lease agreement. Office stripouts and makegood services deal with the obligation of a tenant to remove all redundant fixtures, fittings, installations and alterations carried out to a commercial office space, that are not required by the new tenant, or are required to be removed in the lease agreement.

We have extensive experience successfully delivering ‘makegood’ and office stripout projects throughout Sydney for tenants, landlords and building owners. After the office stripout, there may be work required to bring the property back to a leasable status, such as repair and makegood services. DY Constructions Australia can complete all repair works, including removal of partitions, and repairs to ceilings, floors, walls and repainting, in preparation for the next tenant or landlord requirements. 

List of Makegood Services we Provide

This is a list of works that are often required in office stripout projects. This list will vary according to the End of lease obligations and makegood provisions of your lease, and also the conditions in the tenancy fit out guidelines that the landlord has provided for your building. The Makegood clause generally obliges the tenant to return the office to its original pre-lease condition, but will often include a list of specific repair and Makegood tasks that have to be performed by the tenant.

We will meet with you onsite to discuss the details of your obligations, and then provide you with a detailed proposal for the works, which will include returning your office to the original base building layout, and the repair, makegood and repainting of lobbies, bathrooms, kitchens and perimeter walls. We will then co ordinate all the Makegood works with your landlord, to ensure that the project is completed on time before your lease expires.

  • Office Makegoods
  • Office Interior Stripouts
  • Warehouse Stripouts
  • Tenancy De-Fits
  • Removal of Existing Partitions
  • Interior Demolition Works
  • Removal of Fixtures & Fittings
  • Removal of Workstations & Furniture
  • Removal of Carpets and Floor Coverings
  • Restore lighting to Base Building Layout
  • Restore Fire Services to Base Building Layout
  • Restore Air-con to Base Building Layout
  • Office Re Carpeting & Repainting
  • Repair the Ceilings and Replacement of Tiles
  • Protect Existing Finishes During Demolition 
  • Ensure Standard Finishes are Restored
  • Removal of Waste Materials & Rubbish
  • Demolition of Interior Partitions
  • Supervision by Experienced Project Manager
  • Full Trade Clean on Completion 
  • Quality Guaranteed Service 
  • Servicing for all Sydney Areas 
  • Complete Stripout & Retrofit Specialist
  • Office Wall Removals

Preparation For Makegood Works.

For Stripout and Makegood projects, before any works start on site, we will meet onsite with the Landlord and the Tenant to confirm all details of the scope of works, e.g., what gets removed and what is remaining, and to agree on all details. As part of a typical Stripout and Makegood project we provide the following services.

  • Provide a full scope of works, so that if can be checked and approved by the Landlord and the tenant.
  • Our cad designer will draw plans, showing the items to be removed, and detailing the required makegood works.
  • If required by council, we organise a CDC ( Complying Development Certificate) for the stripout and makegood works.
  • We arrange a walk though of the premises before commencement of the works with the Landlord and the Tenant, to confirm all details.
  • We Create a Site safety management plan for the Makegood works.We document and carry out the Makegood works as per the landlords tenancy fitout guidelines for the building.

Stripout & Removal Of Tenant Installed Items.

We carefully dismantle existing partitions to ensure no damage is made to existing ceilings or carpet. Plastic protection will be used where necessary to protect existing building fittings and fixtures. Provide dust proof screens and covers to protect existing finishes and the immediate environment from dust and debris.

  • Dismantle and dispose of all existing workstations tenant partition walls, including doors, skirting, and ceiling baffles.
  • Remove all built in joinery and cupboards.
  • Remove all signage from the office, and from directory board.
  • Remove and dispose of any false flooring, wooden or vinyl and tiled flooring.
  • Remove Splash back tiling.
  • Stripout any tenant installed suspended ceilings.
  • Remove all office furniture and equipment.

Makegood To Ceilings

Allow make good to existing ceilings where affected by the removal of partitions, including repairs to ceiling grid and replacement of damaged ceiling tiles. Reinstate ceiling grid and tiles to base building layout including:

  • Replacement of damaged, twisted or bent suspended ceiling grid.
  • Make good all ceiling grid such that the grid is straight and level.
  • Reinstate grid system to suit the buildings open plan layout.
  • Replace damaged ceiling tiles where required to provide ceiling with a uniform appearance using tiles the same as existing.

Carpet & Vinyl Makegood Works

Allow to make good to existing floor coverings where affected by removal of partitions, including carpet tiles, floor vinyl, timber flooring and ceramic tiles.

  • Supply and install new carpet to makegood any exposed flooring including areas exposed following removal of alternate floor finishes or raised access flooring.  New carpet is to match existing carpet within the premises being made good.
  • Repair any damage to existing carpet within the premises.
  • Steam clean existing carpet on completion.

General Makegood Works

Makegood to existing perimeter walls where partitions have been removed. Plaster screw holes and leave ready for painting. Re-fix skirting and trim, where affected by removal of partitions.

  • In warehouse Makegood to concrete slab, including fill nail holes, repair damage after removing topping, and fill core holes.
  • General patch and Makegood any damage to perimeter spandrels, perimeter columns and perimeter walls.
  • General patch and Makegood to holes and scratches in perimeter sills & window frames.

Repainting Works

  • Plasterer to repair existing walls before painting, incl patch holes, remove flaking paint, sand and prepare for paint.
  • Repaint fixed plaster board ceiling and all other painted surfaces including plasterboard ceilings in reception area and boardrooms.
  • Repaint core walls around lift lobby including base building doors, fire doors frames, lift doors and frames.
  • Repaint any existing walls where affected by demolition works, and existing doors for painting. Existing walls will be painted with two coats to match the existing colour scheme. Between paint coats, repair any imperfections and sand smooth before applying the following coat. Doors will be sanded down and edges arised prior to painting. Paint existing doors with one sealer and two coats gloss enamel.

Electrical & Data Makegood Works

  • Disconnect all tenant installed cabling from walls that are being removed.
  • Remove all non base building power and communications fittings and cabling.
  • Re-tube all light fittings, reuse electronic starters & clean all fittings.
  • Supply and install additional light troffers as required to ensure the correct base building layout is maintained.
  • Remove all tenant installed lighting including switching.
  • Return perimeter ducted skirting to base building layout removing any redundant power and data points.
  • Relocate emergency lighting & exit signs to base building layout.
  • Disconnect and remove tenant installed security cabling.
  • Supply electrical certification on completion.

Airconditioning Makegood Works

  • Disconnect and remove all sensors installed on tenancy partitions and re-install in base building location where necessary.
  • Disconnect and remove tenant installed air conditioning units, including wiring, ductwork and condenser water lines.
  • Return airconditioning outlets, and return air outlets to base building layout.
  • Air balance floors and supply results to landlord or building manager.
  • Supply airconditioning certification on completion.

Fire Protection Makegood Works

Return all fire protection services including smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire hose reels, emergency and exit lighting to base building open plan layout. If required supply additional Emergency lighting, EWIS speakers, Exit signs, smoke detectors, and sprinklers. Supply fire protection certification on completion.

Plumbing Makegood Works

  • Remove all tenant installed plumbing to kitchens, showers, facilities, change rooms.
  • Remove Floor waste pipework back to stack and cap off.
  • Remove Dishwasher and associated pipework.
  • Remove all redundant pipework from tenant installed kitchens, tea room, or bathrooms.
  • Ensure hot and cold base building water units are left in good working order.
  • Repair or replace any damaged components in toilets.

Recycling & Rubbish Removal

As per the Stripout Waste Guidelines by Better Buildings Partnership, we allow to recycle as much as possible of the materials left over, this starts on site with the separation of recycling materials from non recyclable rubbish, and then putting them into separate trucks. Materials that can be recycled from a Makegood project typically include aluminium, plasterboard, ceiling tiles, furniture, workstations, wood, glass, and steel.

Cleaning and Handover

Upon completion of the Makegood works, carry out commercial cleaning of all areas within the tenancy. Remove plastic floor protection and vacuum as necessary. Perform detailed commercial cleaning to clean the whole office area before handover, including cleaning of skirting, trims, glass, window sills, and surrounding frames to internal windows. Allow to buff clean all floor tiles removing all marks, and scuffs.

Clean blinds and leave in good working order, replacing defective components as required. Undertake a commercial clean of kitchens and toilets including all cupboards, worktops, sink, equipment, and splashbacks. Remove all debris, dust, marks and stains, to leave in a clean and tidy condition, ready for the new tenant to move into.

DY Constructions Australia team of experienced tradesmen can complete a range of stripout and makegood services to return your office to its required condition. We work with the building managers to ensure all works are as per the stripout requirements in the tenancy fitout guidelines for the building.

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