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End of Trip Facilities

We can build and fitout an end of trip (EOT) facility in your commercial building, including design, and approvals.

An end of trip facility (EOTF) will improve the quality of your commercial building and increase its long term value.

For business owners and tenants, there are a number of benefits of EOTFs including a healthier workforce, increased staff wellbeing, higher productivity, an improved corporate image, and reduced demand for car parking. End of trip facilities promote sustainable living and alternative travel options.

End of trip facilities are often built within the carpark or basement of a commercial building, to refurbish and reposition the building as part of a building upgrade project. We are experienced with conversion of carpark and basements, including extensive services alterations such as hydraulic plumbing, mechanical ventilation, electrical works, fire protection works, and security. We can also handle other trades such as ceilings and partitions, doors, toilet partitions, floor finishes, and joinery.

We are able to conduct works in a live environment in occupied buildings, by staging the project and minimising disruption for building tenants. We are used to challenges with live environments including after hours works, tight timeframes, noise restrictions and extensive services works.

DY Constructions Australia can project manage an EOTF project concept through to completion, including design and interior design, obtaining relevant authority approvals, procuring and managing engineers and eventual fitout of the project.


End of Trip Facilities Builder

Carpark and Basement Fitouts

Design and Interior Design

Council Approval and Certifications

Development Applications (DAs)

  • End of Trip Facilities (EOTF)
  • Carpark End of Trip Builder
  • Complete Fitout Including Services
  • Complete Design and Engineering
  • Design of End of Trip Facilities
  • Showers and Bathrooms
  • Ambulant and Accessible Bathrooms
  • Disabled DDA Bathrooms
  • Refill and Refuel Stations
  • Locker Rooms and Bike Racks
  • Smart Lockers and Digital Lockers
  • Grooming Stations and Beauty Bar
  • Change Rooms
  • Ironing Stations and Steaming Stations
  • Bike Maintenance Stations
  • Sewer, Water, Electrical Fire, Security, Mechanical Works
  • Basement Construction
  • Demolition Prior to Construction
  • Concrete Trenching
  • Strip Out of Existing Bathrooms
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Gates and Fences
  • Concrete Works
  • Line Marking
  • Carpark Signage
  • Electric Bike Chargers
  • Asset Repositioning
  • Bike Repair Rooms
  • Laundry and Drying Rooms
  • End of Trip (EOT) Amenities
  • Security and Access Control
  • Spatial Planning
  • Graphics and Way Finding Signage
  • Ramps and Staircases
  • Structural Works
  • Fire Protection
  • Hydraulic Plumbing
  • Mechanical Ventilation and Extraction
  • Project Management
  • Acoustic Minimisation

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We are complete end of trip facilities specialists and we can handle all aspects of your EOTF project. As a commercial builder, we are multi sector experienced and we are therefore fully capable with the design, approval, and fitout of your facility.

Please call us on 1300 737 656  or email admin@dyconstructions.com.au and we will organise a complimentary site visit, by one of our experienced Project Managers, who can advise on the design and construction of your end of trip facility.

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