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Toilet Cubicles and Toilet Partitions

We can supply and install toilet cubicles and toilet partitions as part of your bathroom renovation project.

We can supply, deliver and install across the Greater Western Sydney Area. 

We are experienced bathroom and amenities builders, and we have experience in all the different types and brands of toilet cubicles and toilet partitions.

Contact us today to renovate and fitout your bathrooms.

  • Toilet Cubicles
  • Toilet Partitions
  • Washroom Partitions
  • Wet Area Partitions
  • Toilet Doors
  • Compact Laminate
  • MR (Moisture Resistant) Board
  • Plastic Laminate Partitions
  • Laminex, Waterloo and Aqualoo Partitioning
  • Restroom Stalls
  • Toilet Stalls
  • Restroom Partition Walls
  • Bathroom Stall Dividers
  • Bathroom Partition Walls
  • Shower Partitions
  • Shower Cubicles
  • Urinal Partitions 
  • Urinal Dividers
  • Antimicrobial Surfaces
  • Childcare Partitions and Cubicles
  • Toilet Privacy Panels
  • Toilet Privacy Doors
  • Locker Room Partitions
  • School Toilet Partitions
  • Ambulant Partitions 
  • Accessible Partitions
  • Custom Cubicle Partitions
  • Change Room Partitioning
  • Bathroom Separation
  • Toilet Modesty Panels
  • Toilet Wall and Doors

Toilet Partitions

Toilet Partitions for offices, come in a commercial laminate range, that has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral surface finishes, ensuring the most advanced and protective laminate. Compact laminate toilet partitions offer everything a commercial toilet ever needs:

  • Toilet partitions suitable for commercial use
  • Hygienic and easy to clean and maintain
  • Floor anchored or ceiling fixed systems 
  • 13mm or 18mm thick HMR laminated particleboard toilet partitions
  • Cubicle doors complete with all door furniture requirements
  • Toilet partitions framed in clear anodised aluminium
  • Noise deafening system to avoid disturbing “door banging” sound
  • Exceptional water, humidity and high-temperature resistance
  • Wide choice of colours to choose from
  • High wear and abrasion resistance and resistance to cigarette burns
  • Manufactured in strict adherence to accepted fire safety norms
  • Full range of accessories
  • Equipped with emergency opening provisions
  • Custom built designs to suit your building

We have successfully completed many projects in Office Buildings, CBD Office Blocks, Business Parks, Industrial Facilities, Factories and Warehouses all over Sydney. Please call us on 1300 737 656 and we can help you with the supply and installation of toilet cubicles and toilet partitions.

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