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Staging for Occupied Offices

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Example of  project done in three stages.Example of staged office refurbishment project

At DY Constructions Australia, we often refurbish offices for businesses that maintain live working environments. A live environment is one where staff are still working as normal whilst we complete a fit-out or refurbishment. Our project management team in Sydney is experienced in refurbishing and renovating occupied offices.  We are live environment specialists and have successfully completed many projects in occupied workplaces. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs during the construction phase of the works, including:

  • We plan ahead to minimise any disruption caused by the refurbishment works, such as noise and dust.
  • We have a meeting with you and your management to discuss how your staff can continue to work as normal during the renovations.
  • We meet with your IT manager/specialist to discuss how to coordinate the works involving IT.
  • We then prepare a construction program for your refurbishment, showing all critical dates.
  • We ensure that all essential services, such as air conditioning, fire protection, electrical, and data services, are operational during the renovation works.
  • We perform daily cleaning of all areas of the project, including lifts, passageways, entry areas, toilets and kitchens.
  • Daily communication between our project manager and your contact person/office manager.
  • Our tradespeople are well mannered, courteous, and respectful, and are experienced in working in live environments.
  • For larger projects, we can install sound-reducing hoardings between the works area and your operational office space.
  • If required noisy refurb works can be performed outside normal office hours.

Pre-Construction Planning for Staging: Before we start the works, we arrange meetings with your senior managers to decide how they will be staged so that your staff can continue to work as normal. Larger projects can be performed in either in two, three, four, or more stages.

We Design Your Refurbishment to Be Done in Stages:  Many refurbishment projects are undertaken while the building is occupied, and the works are done in stages so that the occupants of the building are not inconvenienced.

  • We do this by temporarily relocating staff to boardrooms, meeting rooms, interview rooms, etc., while the work is being performed.
  • If your project is large, we usually perform the work in two or more stages so that your office staff can continue working normally.
  • When a stage is finished, we then relocate all your staff back into the refurbished area.

Dividers For Small Projects: If it is a small project, we supply & install temporary containment barriers using adjustable floor-to-ceiling aluminium posts and heavy-duty commercial-grade plastic to enclose the area that is being fitted out to prevent dust penetration and provide a distinctive barrier. 

Dividers For Large Projects: For major projects, if required, we can install floor-to-ceiling temporary hoarding to separate the construction zone from the occupied section of the office, comprising steel studs lined on the occupied office side with plasterboard. We Include a pass-through temporary door, with latch function door hardware, to comply with emergency exit regulations. We will remove the hoarding on completion.

Pedestrian Management Plan: We will create a pedestrian management plan to help achieve safe workplace operations and to ensure the safety of all staff, visitors, the general public, workers and tradesmen during the works. Allow for implementation of the plan before works start on site. We allow to customise the plan to suit the site conditions. We include directions with appropriate signage for staff, visitors, tradesmen, workers, pedestrians, and any other third party that might need to have access through or around the work site. 

Noisy Works Performed Out Of Hours:   For works in occupied offices that are being done in stages, all noisy works will be performed outside of normal business hours, so that staff in the occupied part of the floor are not inconvenienced. These works are usually performed after 5pm Monday to Friday, or ar weekends when the office is not occupied. 

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