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Office Walls

We supply and install all types of office walls and associated interior works required in an office fit-out, and as we design and construct, we can take your office project in Sydney, from concept through to completion. Our interior designer can design your workplace with office wall solutions, that include the latest design trends, in modern colours customised to suit your fit out or refurbishment.

We can manage your office interior project from inception to delivery, from the initial design, supply and installation of all office wall items, including doors, windows, full height glass panels, and supply of all trades, such as suspended ceilings, joinery, workstations, furniture, painting, electrical power and data, painting, carpeting, signage, fire protection and air conditioning. These are some of the many types of plasterboard office walls that we can install for you:

  • Steel Stud Walls
  • Office Divider Walls
  • Office Feature Walls
  • Office Gyprock Walls
  • Plasterboard Office Walls
  • Stud and Track Walls
  • Low Height Office Walls
  • Demountable Office Walls
  • Painted Office Walls
  • Office Cubicle Walls
  • Commercial Office Walls
  • All Types Office Doors
  • Aluminium Framed Doors
  • Timber Entry Doors for Offices
  • Intertenancy Office Walls
  • New Offices in Plasterboard
  • Operable Walls & Folding Doors
  • Acoustic Office Walls
  • Acoustic Wall Systems
  • Warehouse Plasterboard Walls
  • Fire Rated Office Walls with FRL
  • Industrial & Factory Walls
  • Mezzanine Floor Office Walls
  • Half Glass Office Walls
  • Walls for Laboratories & Medical Centres
  • Meeting Rooms Walls
  • Modular Office Walls
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control of All Trades
  • Complete Office Wall & Fit Out Specialists
  • Office Drywall
  • Curved Office Walls
  • Curved Plasterboard Wall
  • Arch Plasterboard Walls

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Office Feature Walls

Feature walls are an important part of the modern workplace environment. We can design new feature walls to suit your companies brand and corporate image. Curved feature walls can add a distinctive image to your office, along with bright modern colours.

Office reception feature walls can have your company logo inserted into the wall, with a backlit feature light behind the reception desk.
A timber batten office feature wall can add warmth and texture to your office space. These are some of the most popular feature walls for the modern workplace:

  • Reception area feature walls
  • Curved plasterboard walls
  • Timber panels feature walls
  • Feature walls with your company logo

Acoustic Office Walls

An acoustic or sound-rated wall can be designed to look the same as others walls in your office, but will reduce the level of noise, enabling staff to better concentrate on their work. They are also ideal for boardrooms, meeting rooms, quiet rooms, videoconferencing rooms, interview rooms, and managers offices.

Acoustic office walls are lined with CSR gyprock soundcheck plasterboard. This is a high density gypsum plasterboard with increased noise absorption properties for commercial walls, where superior acoustic resistance is required. Higher levels of noise control can be achieved by including bulk acoustic insulation in the wall cavity. 

Acoustic office walls can also utilise larger 92mm steel stud and track sizes, including staggered studs for acoustic purposes.

We can customise acoustic rated office walls to suit the required NRC rating, rW acoustic rating and Sound Transmission Classification (STC).

  • Acoustic walls are built with soundcheck plasterboard, which helps with soundproofing.
  • Acoustic insulation is put in walls for extra soundproofing and noise reduction.
  • Acoustic sealants are used on joints to enhance the soundproofing properties of the wall.
  • Acoustic walls can be painted to match your existing colour scheme.

Office Walls For High Traffic Areas

Walls in high traffic areas can be built with Gyprock Impactchek. This is high-strength plasterboard with a reinforced core that is an ideal wall lining for high-impact areas. Impactchek is typically used in areas such as office corridors, reception areas, foyers, and waiting rooms, where the risk of damage from impacts such as trolleys, chairs and furniture is generally higher. Hallway doors can be double-action swing doors, or automatic doors with sensors, which are popular in high traffic areas. Crash rails can protect your hallway walls, and matching colours will complement the look of the wall. These bumper guards can be in timber, aluminium, or heavy-duty rubber.

  • Walls are lined with high-strength CSR Impactchek plasterboard.
  • Crash rails can protect the walls of your corridors from trolleys, mobile carts, and furniture deliveries.
  • Crash rails can be installed at appropriate heights, customised to suit your office.
  • Contactless automatic doors can be installed in entry areas and hallways

Low Height Office Cubicle Walls

We can create separate spaces for your staff with low height drywall cubicle walls. Defining spaces and integrating privacy with low height walls, is a great way for improving your open office.
Also known as half-height dividers, they offer your staff some privacy, so that they can concentrate on their work.
Many modern workplaces feature a network of office cubicle dividers between different departments. This can help to enhance privacy, reduce distractions and also offer sound-dampening qualities.

  • Low height plasterboard dividers can look similar to full height walls, with similar finishes such as skirting and paint.
  • Heights of low height walls can be customised to suit your needs, usually from 1000mm to 1500mm high.
  • Electrical and data services can be concealed within the low-height walls.
  •  Acoustic qualities can be increased by installing insulation in the cavities of the low-height walls.

Timber Doors For Office Walls

We supply and install all types of office doors, including full height custom wood doors, polished timber veneer doors, and laminate veneer doors. We can match your existing office doors so that your office looks uniform. We can also match your door frame, the aluminium colour, and the door locks and handles.

If you have existing timber doors, we can maximise the natural light coming into your office by installing glass view panels in the doors.
Some of the many types of doors we supply and install are:

  • Full Height Timber or MDF Office Doors
  • Timber Doors with View Panels
  • Bi-Fold Doors and Panels
  • Sliding Timber Doors
  • Polished Timber Veneer Doors
  • Cavity Sliding Doors

Operable Walls & Folding Doors

Operable walls can be great for dividing up large rooms such as boardrooms, meeting rooms and training rooms. Typically a Large training room can be divided into two rooms with separate entrances so that two meetings can happen at the same time. Solid operable wall panels are generally 70mm thick, constructed with two outer faces of particle board, separated by acoustic grade polyester insulation. The aluminium perimeter frame has interlocking vertical stiles, with acoustic sweep seals at ceiling and floor joints. Operable walls and folding doors enable you to quickly reconfigure and re-arrange office spaces as your needs change.

  • Operable walls come in either fabric, vinyl, or glass panels.
  • Operable walls can be soundproofed for extra privacy.
  • Pass through doors can be built into the operable wall.
  • One large room can be converted into two rooms in minutes.

Intertenancy Walls for Offices

These inter-tenancy walls can be similar to acoustic walls, except they are often built from slab to slab, for soundproofing and security between tenants. Alternatively, they can be built from floor to ceiling, then baffles are built in the overhead ceiling plenum space. For higher security situations, steel mesh is fixed in the cavity of the wall, this can also be fixed in the section above the ceiling for higher security.

  • Intertenancy walls offer Increased security between tenants.
  • Intertenancy walls are ideal for soundproofing between tenants.
  • Doors in inter tenancy walls can also be soundproofed.
  • Ceiling baffles can be installed for extra soundproofing.

Fire Rated Office Walls

Fire-rated walls are typically required in commercial buildings for comms rooms, plant rooms, lift wells, and fire separation walls. Fire-rated walls are constructed using fire-rated steel studs, which are built from the floor to the slab or roof above. The walls are lined with either one or two layers each side of fire-rated plasterboard such as Fyrchek. This plasterboard has a specially processed glass fibre-reinforced gypsum core, which makes it ideal for use in fire-rated wall systems, where improved acoustic performance is required. Fire-rated plasterboard is predominantly used for commercial installations in areas where a high level of fire resistance is required. We can customise the office wall to suit the required Fire Resistance Level (FRL).

  • Office fire-rated walls are built from slab to slab.
  • Fire-rated walls generally have either one-hour or two-hour ratings.
  • All fire-rated walls have fire-rated doors and jambs.
  • Fire-rated insulation such as Rockwool will be installed in all fire-rated walls.
  • Fire-rated walls can be painted to match your colour scheme.

Walls for Office Kitchens & Toilets

In offices, moisture-resistant plasterboard such as Gyprock Aquachek is typically used in kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, showers and change rooms.

  • The walls can also be sheeted with villaboard, especially where tiles are being fixed to the walls.
  • These walls usually have insulation in the cavity for soundproofing, especially in toilet areas.
  • Sometimes these walls have timber noggins within the wall, to hold fixtures such as kitchen cabinets, joinery, and bathroom accessories.
  • Fire-rated moisture-resistant plasterboard such as Fyrchek MR  is used for commercial wet area installations, in areas where a higher level of fire resistance is required.

We help clients across Sydney create, refurbish and reinvigorate their office workplaces, with modern office partitions, and associated fixtures and fittings. Able to professionally handle every part of the office fit out process – whatever its scope, we can offer a ‘one stop office fit out solution’ that will save you time and money.

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