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Interior Design for Staff Wellbeing & Productivity

Since Covid there is an emerging opportunity to use workplace design to promote a broad holistic state of wellbeing for people at work.
When companies provide work environments that are user friendly, have plenty of natural light, and ergonomic office furniture, they address the physical and psychological health of staff, improving creativity, and retention.
Modern workplace interior design promotes staff wellbeing, which continually inspires success for companies and their office staff. 
To create a modern attractive office that people want to come to, good staff amenities  focus on creating a welcoming workplace environment, supporting workers health and well-being and increasing  the convenience of working on-site, instead of working from home are important for all companies.

Some of the Latest Staff Amenities Strategies Focus on Hospitality and Services

  • Breakout Areas
  • Collaboration Areas
  • End of Trip Facilities
  • Concierge Services
  • Mail Center
  • Copy/Print Center
  • Quiet Rooms
  • Wellness Rooms
  • Meditation Rooms
  • On-site Health Clinic
  • Soundproof Meeting Rooms
  • Quiet Zones
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Staff Kitchenette
  • Coffee & Juice Bar
  • Full Food Service
  • Grab & Go Snacks
  • Conference Center
  • Fitness Center

We Design Workplaces for Health & Staff Wellbeing

  • With staff satisfaction being an increasingly important factor in office design, and with the current post covid  situation, health and wellbeing is a priority for commercial companies
  • We build office spaces where the environment is safe and promotes wellness and comfort, leading to more positive outcomes for staff
  • We also include for aspects to create a healthy workplace, including greenery, natural light, and design solutions that encourage staff movement and meaningful breaks
  • We design for appropriate distancing and density, including touchless operations
  • Installation of Touchless glass entry doors
  • Installation of glass barriers for reception desks
  • Supply Entro Touch automatic closers for doors
  • Install BioCote Door handles with Antimicrobial Protection, to doors
  • In office kitchens install Touch Free Wave instant hot water service
  • In toilets provide touchless fixtures such as automatic toilet flushes, taps, air fresheners and electric hand dryers

Wellness and Quiet Rooms for Staff

As companies strive to create a healthier, inclusive and more productive workplace, wellness rooms are becoming increasingly popular. These rooms are designated spaces where employees can go to relax, recharge and take care of their mental and physical health.
Here are some of the benefits of having wellness rooms, and quite rooms in your office:
Reduces Stress: A wellness room provides a quiet and peaceful environment where employees can take a break from the demands of work and recharge their batteries. By reducing stress, employees are more focused, productive and engaged in their work.
Improves Staff Wellbeing: A wellness room offers the opportunity for employees to engage in health-promoting activities such as meditation, yoga or even a power nap. These activities can reduce the risk of chronic illness and improve overall health.
Promotes Inclusivity: A wellness room can be used for prayer to meet staff’s religious needs or as a breastfeeding room for mothers returning to work. This lessens discrimination in the work place in ensuring staff needs are met.
Boosts Morale: Offering a wellness room demonstrates to employees that the company cares about their well-being. This can lead to a more positive work environment and improved employee morale.
Increases Productivity: By providing a designated space for employees to take a break and relax, wellness rooms and quiet rooms, can actually increase productivity. Employees who take breaks throughout the day are more focused and productive when they return to work.
These rooms can have numerous benefits for both employees and employers. By investing in a wellness rooms and quiet rooms, companies are investing in their employees’ well-being, which subsequently drives the success of the company.

Reasons Wellness and Quiet Rooms Are Becoming Popular

They create an area suitable for productive work and staff wellbeing: Employees need a space to meet where they can interact together without disturbing other employees. 
They provide areas for staff to relax: People who aren’t feeling well need a place to relax and recover, especially after long meetings.
They provide areas for private conversations: In workplaces, people need to have private conversations for, annual staff reviews, speaking with clients on the phone, managers discussing staff salaries, etc.
They provide a space for working mothers: A wellness room helps new mothers transition back to the workplace after maternity leave, and working from home.

How We Design Your Office for Productivity

Productivity is important in any successful business. Before starting the design phase of your fitout, you could ask your staff what is important for them in the workplace, what inspires them and helps them find satisfaction in the work they do in the office.
  • This will give you the fitout information you need to base your decisions on, and it also helps your staff feel included and valued as part of your office team. When your employees know that their opinions matter, it will boost productivity levels in your office.
  • Some people work better when they have privacy, and then they can concentrate better on their work. We have numerous ways of creating privacy for your staff in the fitout, including privacy screens for workstations, and soundproof private offices.
  • When you get feedback from your staff, you may find some prefer electric sit-stand desks, and others prefer standard desks, we can then design the workstations and desks to suit the specific needs of your staff.
  • Some of your team may work better when they have an informal area away from their desk, where they can continue to work in different surroundings, as part of the fitout we can create modern colourful collaboration/breakout areas that will suit these team members.
  • Your office team may regularly need to have team meetings where the discussions are private and confidential, we can create quiet rooms or soundproof meeting rooms of various sizes to suit this purpose.
  • Some of you team may need videoconferencing facilities where they can discuss details in private, we can create zoom rooms, or telepresence rooms fitted out with appropriate furniture, custom joinery, soundproofing, and all the necessary data cabling and information technology installed by our electrician.
This detailed collaborative process,  will ensure you have all the correct work zones in place to satisfy the needs of your staff, and your workplace will then be optimised for productivity.

If you would like to organise an obligation free discussion at your office on how we can help your company, just call us on 1300 737 656 or email admin@dyconstructions.com.au

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