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 As Office Painting Professionals, we carry all types of Painting projects. Call us if you are considering re painting or refurbishing your office. As well as supplying painters, we also have plasterers and carpenters, if you need minor repairs or alterations to your office. We specialise in commercial offices, and our experienced tradesmen know how to protect your office furniture and carpet during the painting works. 

  • Office freshen up painting, including Painting of Lobby Areas. 
  • Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms, Reception, and break out areas. 
  • We can transform your existing office with a new colour scheme, with special colours selected for each area including feature walls. 
  • Workplaces are high-traffic areas, and impressions of interiors matter to your staff and customers. 
  • Our painters can freshen up your workspace within tight time-frames, ensuring minimal operational disruption to your office activities. 
  • If some of your walls, doors or ceilings are damaged, we will repair these before starting the painting works. 
  • Office Wall Paint Design Ideas
  • Office Painting Specialists
  • Painting of Lobby Areas
  • Repainting of Boardrooms
  • Reception Area Painting
  • Painting of Feature Walls
  • Commercial Painting
  • Painting of New Partitions
  • Painting of CBD Offices
  • Painting of Business Park Offices
  • Painting of Full Height Timber Doors
  • Hotel, Motel & Retail Painting 
  • Painting of Warehouses & Factories
  • Painting & Maintenance Works
  • Patching & Repair Service
  • Make Good Works
  • Gyprocking & Plastering Services
  • Your Desks are Protected During Painting
  • Your Carpet is Protected with Dropsheets
  • Supervision by Experienced Project Manager
  • Full Trade Clean on Completion 
  • High Quality Guaranteed Service 
  • After Hours Painting Service 
  • High Access Painting
  • Paint Colour Advice 
  • Match Existing Paint Colour Scheme 
  • Feng Shui Painting for Offices

Colour Selection by Our Interior Designer

Our designer can select an appropriate colour scheme for your office that matches and integrates with your companies corporate branding. When choosing modern colour schemes for your workplace, there are many things to consider than just how the colours will look.

  • Workplace colour schemes and lighting can have a big impact on employees moods and productivity. 
  • New colour schemes can be chosen that blend in to furnishings such as carpets, ceiling tiles, seating and workstation fabrics.
  • We select appropriate colours and placement for office feature walls in reception, boardroom and open plan areas. 
  • Our interior designer can create a painting plan, showing which walls, windows and doors are to be painted. 
  • On larger projects our designer creates a schedule of finishes, which will document the colours for each room.
  • Read more about Interior Design for Staff Wellbeing & Productivity.

Commercial Painting Services

DY Constructions painting team carry out all types of commercial painting projects including,

  • Business Parks and CBD Office Blocks
  • Lobbies and Base Building Painting
  • Healthcare and Medical Centres
  • Retail Shops and Shopping Centres
  • Government and educational facilities
  • Aged Care and Childcare Centres
  • Motels, Hotels and Fitness Centres
  • Laboratories and Strata Services

Warehouse & Industrial Painting

Our painters are experience in warehouse, factory and industrial painting projects, and have all the necessary equipment required for these types of projects, including mobile scaffolds and scissor lifts. 

  • Painting of Warehouses & Factories
  • Mezzanine Floor Painting including windows
  • Re-Painting of brickwork & blockwork
  • Linemarking for office car parks, and Painting of bollards
  • Spray painting of lift doors, roller doors and grills
  • Concrete floor polishing, polyurethane, and epoxy painting
  • Makegood works including Patching & Repair Service

Re-Painting, Including Protection of Your Office Equipment

  • Our interior maintenance painting services are ideal if you have an occupied office that needs re-painting. We protect your property and equipment, during the re-painting process. 
  • Before we start your painting works, our painters will protect your Desks, workstations, furniture, computers, office equipment and carpet. 
  • Floor Protection. Before commencing painting, the floor area will be covered in heavy- duty plastic to ensure existing floor coverings are protected at all times. Joints will be sealed with continuous lengths of masking tape. On completion, all plastic will be taken up and removed from site.
  • Temporary Containment Barrier:  Our painters can install a temporary containment barrier to enclose the area that is being painted. This barrier has adjustable floor to ceiling aluminium posts, and heavy duty commercial grade plastic, this prevents dust from spreading through the office.
  • We can do the re-painting in stages, by cordoning off the areas that are being painted, allowing your staff to work uninterrupted. 
  • Patching & Repairs to existing walls. 
  • Re-painting of interior walls & partitions. 
  • Re-painting of all interior doors. 
  • Re-painting of toilets & kitchens. 
  • Re-painting of boardrooms & meeting rooms.

Painting Existing Ceiling Tiles

  • When undertaking an office refurbishment, DY Constructions are always striving to achieve great results for our clients whilst keeping their budget in mind.
  • One way to refresh an existing ceiling tile system, instead of replacement, is to paint the ceiling tiles.
  • Dulux Acousticoat ceiling tile paint is specifically formulated to refresh aged acoustic tiles whilst maintaining the acoustic soundproofing qualities, and will not stick to the grid system so that the ceiling tiles and grid can be painted simultaneously.
  • With usually only one spray application required and the low odour formulation, painting ceiling tiles can be an efficient and cost effective way to refresh your office ceiling with minimal disruption to your office function.

End of Tenancy Painting Services

  • If your lease is expiring and you are relocating, your landlord may require you to re-paint your office.
  • We will meet with you onsite to discuss the details of your lease obligations, and then provide you with a detailed proposal for the works, which usually includes repainting of partitions, doors, lobbies, bathrooms, kitchens and perimeter walls. 
  • We will then co ordinate all the re-painting with your landlord, to ensure that the works are completed on time before the lease of your office expires. 
  • If repairs are required such as, marks on walls, surface imperfections, damage where fixtures were removed, we will repair these to bring all walls and doors back to original condition. 
  • We will return all walls to original colour, including removing feature walls, and other painting works that may be required but your landlord. 
  • On completion, we will meet with your landlord or building manager, to make sure they are satisfied with all the re-painting works, so that you can then get your bond back.

After Hours Re-Painting Service

  • We are the Live environment specialists. If your office is occupied, we also have an After Hours Re-Painting Service. 
  • We can work around your office hours, so your business can function as normal during the repainting works.
  • Scheduling a re-paint project for a time when your workplace isn’t fully staffed, could minimise the impact this project will have on staff and customers.
  • Sometimes it may be possible to have your re-painting project completed during times when your business is closed.
  • We have flexible timeslots where our painters can come at suitable times, so your business is not interrupted.
  • If required we can do the re-painting works during the night or at weekends, while your staff are not there. 

We Match Your Existing Colours

  • If you are making changes to the layout of your existing office, adding in extra partitions, or re-painting your office, we can Match the Existing Paint Colour Scheme you have.
  • Then any new partitions will look the same as your existing walls, and all the paint works will look uniform.
  • Our paint matching service can match the colour of almost any paint colour you have on your walls or doors.
  • We use only the best paints available, including Dulux, Taubmans, British Paints and Wattyl.
  • Our comprehensive range of paints includes interior and exterior decorative, texture and powder coatings and woodcare stains and varnishes. 

Best Colours for Office Walls

  • It is often best to paint your main office walls in a neutral colour, then add bright colours to add vitality and improve productivity in your office, e.g. on doors, columns, and feature walls.
  • If you are leasing, note that at the end of the lease, landlords will often want the walls returned to a neutral colour, as part of the tenancy strip out and retrofit Guidelines, for your building.
  • As part of our paint services, our interior designer can select the most appropriate colours for your office. 

Feature Wall Colours for Your Office

  • Feature walls can be used strategically in your office space, e.g. in reception Areas, Boardrooms, kitchens, open office areas, and also on columns.
  • Feature colours can brighten up your office, and can add to productivity.
  • These feature colours can be chosen to fit in with your logo/branding colours.
  • More than one Feature colour can be used, e.g. one in reception, one on columns and one on timber doors. 

DY Constructions Australia has skilled and professional tradesmen that are ready to take on any painting project no matter what size. Typically on our office painting projects, doors will be painted in hard wearing gloss enamel, and office walls painted in commercial grade low sheen acrylic. Our painters can complete your project outside normal office hours, so that your staff are not inconvenienced. We are fully insured for your security, and all projects come with the DY Constructions Australia Guarantee.

If you need a professional and reliable painting service for your office, call us today on 1300 737 656 for a free quote.

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