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DY Constructions Australia believes our team members, suppliers and sub contractors have a responsibility to promote sustainable environmental policies in relation to the use and disposal of resources used in our fitout and refurbishment projects.

Our Commitment
DY Constructions Australia is committed to protecting the environment by constantly improving its environmental performance by giving priority to suppliers and sub contractors who are also committed to protecting the environment, constantly updating our systems and procedures to comply with environmental regulations and directing our designers to be environmentally responsible when designing office fitouts for clients.
At DY Constructions Australia It is our policy to ensure our fitouts, operations, products and services comply with AS/NZS ISO 14001, industry best practice codes and other standards relevant to our business;
  • Identify, monitor and control the environmental impacts of products and services utilised and provided;
  • Define and communicate environmental aims, objectives, targets and operating procedures to relevant workers and external stakeholders;
We will ensure that our workers have the training needed to actively engage in, lead and achieve our commitment to environmental care. 
We will communicate with relevant statutory authorities to meet their environmental needs in:
  • Pollution, emissions and waste;
  • The use of raw materials, energy and supplies; and
  • The procurement of raw materials, energy and supplies from recycled, sustainable or renewable sources.
At DY Constructions Australia, we will monitor and evaluate our company’s performance in relation to the objectives and targets we have set to identify areas for the improvement in the conservation of all our resources and the prevention of pollution.
DY Constructions Australia is committed to continual improvement to enhance environmental performance by the use of procedures which will be operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 14001.
ISO 14001 Certified
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