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Office Soundproofing

We are specialists in soundproofing existing offices and identifying solutions to fix acoustic and sound issues in your office space. We are experienced in soundproofing partitions, walls, ceilings and floors and we can design an acoustic solution to suit your particular situation.

Acoustic issues can cause distractions that can negatively impact the productivity of the office space, and we understand the importance of sound deadening works and sound dampening insulation for your office.

We typically soundproof executive offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms as these can suffer from acoustic flanking where the sound can travel above the ceiling space and into the next room. We soundproof the plenum ceiling space which reduces this flanking effect. We also install Raven door seals which reduce sound transfer underneath the door and around the perimeter of the door. Acoustic glass is another consideration which can reduce sound transfer through the glass, or double glazing which is the ultimate sound reduction option.

We can soundproof call centres areas where noise distractions are typically present. This can be solved with acoustic ceiling tiles, acoustic panelling, and acoustic dividers.

We work with popular and reputable brands including Raven Products Door Seals, VLam Hush Acoustic Viridian Glass, Pyrotek Wavebar, Autex Baffle Block, Martini Easy Baffle, Bradford SoundScreen, Bradford Polymax, Acoustica QuietBatt, and CSR Gyprock Soundchek acoustic plasterboard.

We can also assist with echo reduction for your office. Echo in your office can be reduced with acoustic panels, sound absorbing materials, acoustic ceiling tiles and acoustic floor coverings and carpets.

Call us on 1300 737 656 for advice, or to arrange a free quotation for your office soundproofing project. We are specialists at office sound dampening and we can assist you to increase the privacy of your office space and increase productivity. 

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